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Welcome to the land of Ourania - a place of beastly magic, history and subterfuge recently marred by war and grief. We are a fantasy-driven Canine and Equine play-by-post roleplay game for mature members ages 16 and up, with an emphasis on heavy lore and customizable magics. This compendium is designed to assist in learning all about the site's game mechanics, history, member expectations and more. Before you register an account with us, we urge you to read through the links below over an appropriate period of time in order to get a firm grasp of what we do and how we do it. If at any point in time you have questions, be sure to ask in our Discord. Ourania awaits you!
Here on Ourania, you have the opportunity to play two different species: Equines and Canines. Both present an endless variety of options for you as a writer on-site, not only in body and language but so too in the differences between their prose and character factions. Whether you primarily play one over the other, we encourage you to play what you're most comfortable with. Below, the following guides are to aid you along in your writing journey for each species, as well as to lay the basic groundwork of what your character is physically capable of within Ourania.



The equines of Ourania are an elegant if hardy species: they come in a variety of sizes and shapes with the largest of the outlier standing at nearly 20 hands high (6.5 feet), and weighing nearly a ton (2,000 pounds). As with horses known in your world, there are the draft-types (large, hefty), the lithe types (thin, fast) and the smaller types (pony, or short). In this land, Equines can come in any swatch of color thanks to the magic that has steeped into Ourania's blood for millennia. They might boast any manner of mutation, horn, wing or otherwise but above all else they consider themselves to be a regal sort, a calling to their god-like ancestry.

Graceful though they might be, Equines come at a disadvantage when it comes to dexterous activities requiring precision. Without true hands, one must be creative when needing to make or mix small objects, hew materials, etc. While some have found a means to complete these activities through persuasion of others or even years of practice, others might rely on magic to get the job done.

They walk, they trot, they canter and they gallop. Some might fly, others swim, while others still might simply enjoy the easier things in life: a meadow in which to graze, and a warm place to shelter at night. They come in such a variety of speeds and shapes that no two are likely to be the same, yet they can train and work towards gaining new speeds and new strengths.


Strong and predatory, the canines of Ourania are most reminiscent of the Dire Wolves from your historic world. Though they come in a variety of sizes and weights, they are by and large bigger than any you'd see elsewhere. The tallest of Ourania's canines can reach nearly 4 feet at the shoulder, while others of the smaller sort might be half that. Speed and strength varies among the body types, with the heftier of canines being slower yet stronger, the lither speedier but weaker. Fur types have been known to be long and silky while others short and rough, and over time magic has given way to some quite spectacular mutations, wings, antlers and more.

Their jaws and teeth are deadly, and while they are most often slower than Equines in immediate sprints they can play the long game and overtake if necessary. With greater rotation of skull and neck they might find it easier to utilize their jaws for creative needs and skills, but true dexterity will only come with great practice and concentration (or a little magic).

By nature canines are pack creatures, finding strength in numbers and it was they who established the very first Kingdom in Ourania's history, all those years ago. Their howls can span miles, a true symphony.


As a whole, Ourania is completely untouched by anything remotely human. While creativity is encouraged, this means that any decorative items your character might possess should be nature-made or roughly hewn by their own magic or skill. Should they desire a cloak, it should be made from the hide of another animal as fabric doesn't exist; should they desire a weapon, it should be forged or hewn from rock or stone, not made of hammered steel. For the more regal sort, jewelry exists in the form of natural crystals and necklace chains woven from vines, roots or leaves, perhaps accented with bones or other elements and sundries picked up on the character's travels.

As the site progresses in gameplay, some items with human elements might be introduced that defy the above but they will need to be gifted, earned or purchased.

Some items, particularly those requiring extreme dexterity or heat-forging and hammering, can also be created via alchemy. Those with the Warrior Skill might also find greater means of creating natural weapons for battle.

We certainly do not mean this to be limiting; if you have a character design in mind that comes with weapons, armor, capes and other extravagances, it's not meant to deny your use of that character. Ourania was created and designed to be a unique roleplay experience, which includes a lack of some themes commonly found on other sites of today.


Once upon a time, Equines and Canines existed side by side in peace. They raised their young together, they fought side by side, they worshiped beneath and for the same Gods. Today, that peace is broken. With the War only months behind us, those left are now forced to pick up the pieces and move forward... one way or another.

It is entirely up to the memberbase how relations continue from here forward. Kingdoms will come, others will fall, and with that cycle will be born a new Era built upon the shoulders of Equines and Canines alike. No one side will be unnaturally enforced. It's your choice whether your character has biases or hatred towards others of their kind (or not their kind).


Immortal though the citizens of Ourania might be, that does not mean they are wholly invulnerable. As you create your character for the site you must also create for them a Vulnerability: a weakness that imparts upon them a means of potential harm or fatality. It may never become common knowledge among the other citizens of Ourania but it will exist, regardless: an act of Nature creating itself a way around the magic of Immortality. These weaknesses can range anywhere from a certain plant, an object, a phobia, or a physical reaction (allergic or otherwise) to an element. Above all else, it must be something present and found on Ourania and not so downplayed that your character stands no chance of ever encountering it. A world of immortality has been created for you, the writer; please respect the details of the game and seek not to make your character forever invincible.


Immortality has become mainstream and commonplace among the land's citizens, and has been such since the introduction of the Aura Magic over a millennia ago. For true natives (those born within Ourania) this immortality came naturally, but for those who have entered the lands as immigrants would find their aging frozen the moment they cross the Outer Reaches. Should a creature choose to leave Ourania for any reason, they would begin to age -- rapidly, as it were, depending on how old they already were.

With Immortality comes invulnerability: equines and canines only well and truly age as children, but they moment they reach maturity that aging magically and rapidly declines. Characters might begin showing "age" after hundreds of years, but even then their bodies are virtually impervious to most basic illnesses. They are, however susceptible to injury and might still scar. Unless set, bones will rapidly heal awkwardly and cause malformations and disabilities. What might usually be a fatal injury can still heal via magical and herbal means, but a mortal injury will still take its toll by leaving the character vulnerable during healing. Poisons and the like might still work, and while they might render a creature unconscious or near-death, eventually that creature's body will overcome it. The more severe the poison, the longer the rehabilitation and recovery time.

Death, as it were, can still occur. Beheadings, heart-removals, and total body obliterations are the three known ways to deliver death to an immortal creature in Ourania.