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Welcome to the land of Ourania - a place of beastly magic, history and subterfuge recently marred by war and grief. We are a fantasy-driven Canine and Equine play-by-post roleplay game for mature members ages 16 and up, with an emphasis on heavy lore and customizable magics. This compendium is designed to assist in learning all about the site's game mechanics, history, member expectations and more. Before you register an account with us, we urge you to read through the links below over an appropriate period of time in order to get a firm grasp of what we do and how we do it. If at any point in time you have questions, be sure to ask in our Discord. Ourania awaits you!
Honor plays a pivotal role in Ourania: characters who have it find themselves in others’ good graces, while those without it find themselves with a potential price on their heads… quite literally. Your honor will always begin at Zero. A positive Honor ranking means you are safe from bounties, while a negative Honor ranking leaves you vulnerable to them, and at risk of being at the mercy of a Bounty.


Anger enough of the wrong individuals and your Dishonor might reach such levels that you are placed upon the Bounty List. When that occurs, any character who carries the Bounty Hunter skill-token can then take measures to capture you and bring you before a King or Queen to collect whatever Bounty they are offering. Should the Dishonor be severe enough, it’s possible a high-ranking individual may even call for your head!

Earning yourself Dishonor can be done in a variety of ways, with the most prominent method relating to insulting a Kingdom or it's high-ranking members, disobeying a direct order as a Kingdom-member yourself, etc. While a random stranger crossing your path cannot bestow dishonor on you, it's not unlikely that they have ties to a high-ranking Kingdom official who can do it in their stead.


Honor can be earned with acts of altruistic nature, paying tribute or offering sacrifice to Kingdom officials, swearing allegiance to a Kingdom, encountering an NPC, and more. Bear in mind that Honor itself is a sliding scale: should you pay appropriate tribute to an evil King with equal acts of evil, for instance, your honor would be well-earned (if thought of as dishonor by others).

Should you search for it hard enough, it’s possible you might even find a reprieve from your Dishonor through acts of great sacrifice.

How To

To give or revoke honor to a character, do so via their Character Profile. The "Honor" statistic of their profile will also have a link where you can make the appropriate mark. Always be sure to leave a detailed comment about the instance, where it can then be recorded in that character's Honor Log.


While Bounties can be set and placed by any citizen of Ourania, Bounties that include major harm against a character can only be placed by Heads of State, or the ruling Monarchs of a Kingdom. To place a bounty, message a member of Staff via PM or on the Bounty discord channel. You must also alert the player of the character involved in the bounty through either of the same methods.

Recorded Bounties will be kept in a tidy and official list where all can see them, particularly aimed at those with the Bounty Hunter skill who can then peruse the list and carry out those bounties at their leisure.

DISCLAIMER: The Honor system isn’t to be abused: you must have legitimate reasons within the rules to gain Honor or be Dishonored. This means absolutely no Metaplay or OOC to IC (or vice versa) can take place. Members found to be abusing this system to “punish” other players will not be tolerated and swiftly excused.