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Welcome to the land of Ourania - a place of beastly magic, history and subterfuge recently marred by war and grief. We are a fantasy-driven Canine and Equine play-by-post roleplay game for mature members ages 16 and up, with an emphasis on heavy lore and customizable magics. This compendium is designed to assist in learning all about the site's game mechanics, history, member expectations and more. Before you register an account with us, we urge you to read through the links below over an appropriate period of time in order to get a firm grasp of what we do and how we do it. If at any point in time you have questions, be sure to ask in our Discord. Ourania awaits you!
Getting Started

For new members or those still considering joining the site, welcome to Ourania! This friendly guide will walk you through the core elements of the site, as well as which guide pages to read first in order to get the most accurate picture of what goes down in and out of character. Follow the sections below!

Important Reading

We realize the Compendium as a whole can appear overwhelming, but all its content was written to help you along on your writing journey here. We encourage you to work your way page by page, taking your time to read and absorb the content as well as ask any questions you might have in our Discord prior to applying so that you can feel adequately prepared. We understand there is a learning curve associated with joining any new site, so questions of any kind along the way are more than welcome! Please do still take the time to read the full compendium.

Joining the Site

We're very open to lurkers, so you are more than welcome to register with an OOC account and continue to peruse the boards while you think of a character concept. If you've chosen to do this, you can then post and interact on all of the OOC forums, including those soliciting site input from the players, as well as posting and collecting inspirations for yourself on the Muse Board forum.

If you are ready to join as a character, great! You can register with your own unique concept, OR you can apply for any of the adoptables on our Adoptables forum.

When you Register for an account, you will need to fill out the registration form in full before it will allow you to continue. Once you've registered, your account will be in the Awaiting Approval stage. From there, please fill our your Character Profile to completion via the Edit Profile area of the User CP. Only once you have completed your character profile can you move on to the next stage.

Character Acceptance

Once you have completed your character's profile, you may proceed to the Character Acceptance forum and follow the instructions therein for having your account activated and approved in full.

Where to Roleplay

Once your character account has been fully approved and activated, it's time to start writing! Currently, Ourania is wide open in terms of in-character posting. Likewise, pop over to our Discord and say hello to the rest of your fellow players! We definitely encourage a healthy community atmosphere, so don't be shy.