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Welcome to the land of Ourania - a place of beastly magic, history and subterfuge recently marred by war and grief. We are a fantasy-driven Canine and Equine play-by-post roleplay game for mature members ages 16 and up, with an emphasis on heavy lore and customizable magics. This compendium is designed to assist in learning all about the site's game mechanics, history, member expectations and more. Before you register an account with us, we urge you to read through the links below over an appropriate period of time in order to get a firm grasp of what we do and how we do it. If at any point in time you have questions, be sure to ask in our Discord. Ourania awaits you!
Brief History

Every kingdom has its origin story, and ours is certainly no different. Once upon a time, Ourania was a single solitary land beneath a sky of stars, built on a living epitaph of earth. All her creatures, myself included, did what all creatures do: we existed among our own, heiling terms and sparking wars, battling and scrambling for our rights to succession and betterment in whatever ways we saw fit. There were Gods, once: large and mighty and living among the stars, watching and meddling as gods tend to do. But, their power wouldn’t last. What power could? Power shifts, in itself a paradigm that cannot be contained or collected. Power isn’t power until it is tested.

Generations came and went. It became increasingly clear which of us were the strongest and most worthy of governing Ourania: the equines, and their more savage counterparts, the canines. Over time we all evolved and changed and surmounted our obstacles with blood and grace, shifting shapes and becoming everything we needed to be to survive, to conquer.

With our clamoring for authority came the discovery of the true power of our Auras: bourne of the very spirit and soil that Ourania was built upon, we each harbored a gift inside us that could be awoken through vested practice and prowess. These powers ranged in type and focus, but over time we -- canine and equine alike -- became unstoppable. Through sheer force of Will and aligning with our creature-brethren we honed our practice and soon, with a mixture of surprise and satisfaction, we became just as powerful as the Gods themselves. Their power was tested in the generations that followed, and then they fell.

We rose, almighty and resurrected, and took the place of the old gods as Gods ourselves. We governed only our own. We didn’t meddle. We didn’t ignore. We thrived.

It was only a matter of time until we clashed. We’d thought ourselves to be gods, after all.

In our rush for salvation and ascension, we underestimated the dangers of our Auras; we overused them and overspent them to a point where the very powers themselves became unstable. It was only a matter of time before that instability culminated into an event so cataclysmic that the effects were felt by all, including the land of Ourania herself. When inevitable War broke out between the equines and the canines in the struggle for all-power, the combination of their Auras on the battlefield became too much: the power imploded in on itself, creating a white-hot arcing explosion that split the land in two. Equines and Canines alike were thrust outward from the blast as the land shuddered against the reabsorption of such a powerful force, and only the lingering effects of their Auras provided them any protections.

Ourania was stricken to silence. The War itself was never won, and it took time for the land (and her inhabitants) to lick their wounds and begin to heal. Three seasons later, and now we are here.

The Rift - the place where Ourania was split in two - no longer smolders, and fresh growth begins to bloom. One by one, the evicted residents begin to find their way back, only to discover all is not as it once was. The terrain has shifted and changed to accomodate the blast, and her inhabitants find themselves powerless as they begin to trickle back into the land. The mightiness of the Auras had spent itself during the Unfinished War, only to be absorbed back into the soil and sky. What once was a land of all-powerful, self-made gods is now mere mortal in comparison… with a few exceptions.

It’s time to rebuild Ourania. As the equines and canines begin to trek back into the lands, they’ll need to decide whether to forget the War that had nearly destroyed them all, or to dedicate themselves to a cause that runs far deeper than feud. The land still simmers with a vacant, almost-there flavor of magic which will undoubtedly tempt the creatures as they begin to rebuild their lives. And deep within the belly of the land herself, something stirs and lingers like a nameless face, waiting… watching...

Ourania Timeline
  1. Ourania's Creation

    0 Pre-Aeon

    In the beginning, Ourania was empty: no life - flora, fauna or otherwise - existed in the land. It was nothing more than a devoid desert surrounded by sea. As the Original Four Gods came together, they harnessed the immense power of their will and breathed life into every facet. Forests bloomed and creatures - equine and canine alike - roamed, made in the divine image of their creators. The Original Four propagated themselves and from their being came their innumerable holy brothers, sisters and children that would encompass the Pantheon.

  2. Aura Discovery

    300 Pre-Aeon

    With the passage of time, the land itself began to feel the effects of divine intervention. The magic of the Gods permeated itself into the earth, and as the most intelligent of its creatures the Equines and Canines found that they could feel this magic in their minds and bodies. They quickly realized that with sheer force of will, this magic could not only be harnessed but wielded for their own personal uses, made possible by whichever facet of the aura magic they encountered. Thus, the Auras and their power were known, and the creatures used this power for the good of one another and the land.

  3. Pantheon's Castle Falls

    1025 Pre-Aeon

    This lore has not yet been revealed.

  4. Old Gods Destroyed

    1098 Pre-Aeon

    This lore has not yet been revealed.

  5. Naming of the Seasons

    1150 Pre-Aeon

    When they rose, they did so with splendor. While many mourned the gods, there were more still who didn’t. They were not truly gods, but declared themselves anyway. They were not chosen, but rather chose themselves. Brilliant narcissists.

    Cold as ice, Morana made herself Winter, embodying all manner of frigid and decay. Euthalia became renewal, warmth, and peace; she made herself Spring at nature's breast. Udane was fire, brimstone, and metal; he became Summer, all heat and arid stillness. And last, Aravind, the celebrator and ailer; he made himself Autumn, soft and supple in his treason.

  6. Grindhold Discovery

    1175 Pre-Aeon

    Power came quickly. Those who declared themselves Aura masters found themselves bound to the pull of the Seasons. With their Grind discovered, it became their greatest weapon; the Narcissists made it so, their influence strong. Creatures found a strengthened Aura when bound to their Grind, while those outside of it were weakened.

  7. Beheading of Ecclesius

    1236 Pre-Aeon

    This lore has not yet been revealed.

  8. The War

    1368 Pre-Aeon

    The struggle for all-power came to a head. While multiculturalists existed, most of Ourania was split between the Equine and Canine factions. War was inevitable, and broke out in blood and ceremony. When each side harnessed their Auras in a mighty push for victory, the subsequent clash was cataclysmic: the power collided, and the Rift was opened. It split the land, killing those closest to the blast and ejecting the rest to parts unknown. Ourania was left devoid and dead around the Rift for nearly three seasons, or nine months.

  9. Present Day

    Aeon 1

    The Rift has healed: life blooms again, and the magic has settled. The Auras are dimmed, quiet, unusable. Those who survived the blast and the opening of the Rift can now return to pick up the pieces. Tensions are high, with vows of death and power left unfulfilled.


Hidden pieces of Ourania's history, Artifacts can be discovered as the site progresses and various areas of the land (both known and unknown) are explored. Artifact events have no set timeline for occurrence, making them pivotal and exciting events that will involve the site and it's members any time they take place. In general, Artifacts will be items related to the birth of Ourania and the fragments of the Old Gods: they could be hundreds or even thousands of years old, may or may not possess some type of power that can affect one or more creatures, and likely has a rich backstory attached to it. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any Artifact discoveries!