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Welcome to the land of Ourania - a place of beastly magic, history and subterfuge recently marred by war and grief. We are a fantasy-driven Canine and Equine play-by-post roleplay game for mature members ages 16 and up, with an emphasis on heavy lore and customizable magics. This compendium is designed to assist in learning all about the site's game mechanics, history, member expectations and more. Before you register an account with us, we urge you to read through the links below over an appropriate period of time in order to get a firm grasp of what we do and how we do it. If at any point in time you have questions, be sure to ask in our Discord. Ourania awaits you!
Across the land of Ourania and found only in specific forums, different -- and useful! -- resources can be quested for and obtained that can grant your character a myriad of abilities or items. On their own, these items can be hoarded in your inventory or otherwise offered to FATE in return for Honor or site currency. Sometimes, however, combining two or more resources via the Alchemy skill token can wield more authentic, unique or powerful items.


Normal Resources

The above resources (hover for names) are considered to be normal and everyday resources that are relatively easy to obtain via questing or site event. Unlike Special resources, these items can be searched or quested for throughout Ourania and on any forum you wish.

Special Resources

The above Special Resources can only be quested and found in their corresponding forums. These items are wilier and more difficult to find, but their uses have been known to be far more rewarding.


Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it isn't. A resource's difficult depends solely on the resource itself, but over time Kingdoms may also play a part. Should your desired resource be on claimed land, trespassing to obtain it could prove harmful, even lethal.

To Quest for a Resource, simply use the [Quest] prefix to begin your thread and report your starting post to the appropriate category (using the Report) feature. A variance of staff-posted dice rolls and NPC interactions will determine your success, as well as your ingenuity in writing the quest.

At the top of your Quest post, please use the following code and form:


Alchemy is a learned skill, and not one instantly known. Should your character find themselves a budding alchemist (by purchasing the Alchemy Skill from the Store), they can then combine two or more Resources together to create new, different, and rare items that can prove both fun and beneficial to them. As an alchemist, your character may decide how best the results can be utilized: for example, if your character collects the ingredients to create Waterbreathing, it's up to them whether their character must hold the object in their mouth, wear it around their neck, or procure from it a magic in order for it to work. Be creative!

Known Recipes & Results

Hive Honey + Lavender = Calming Serum
Conch + Tentacle + Seabone = Waterbreathing
Mineral Sand + Frogcaps + Deathblossom = Paralytic
Pyrerock + Mineral Sand = Molotov

New recipes will be revealed often as the site progresses! Custom Recipes created by the players should be submitted to the Suggestions forum for approval! Recipes should be creative, utilize the ingredients shown above, and not be overpowered.