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Welcome to the land of Ourania - a place of beastly magic, history and subterfuge recently marred by war and grief. We are a fantasy-driven Canine and Equine play-by-post roleplay game for mature members ages 16 and up, with an emphasis on heavy lore and customizable magics. This compendium is designed to assist in learning all about the site's game mechanics, history, member expectations and more. Before you register an account with us, we urge you to read through the links below over an appropriate period of time in order to get a firm grasp of what we do and how we do it. If at any point in time you have questions, be sure to ask in our Discord. Ourania awaits you!
The land of Ourania is one of magic and earthly riches, both vast and comprised of all manner of flora and fauna. For the most part it is relatively temperate in weather but strained in mass, known to experience various volatilities dependent upon season with terrain ranging from lush forests to dry desert-like regions in the outermost known reaches. It is completely untouched by anything remotely human.

➤ If your character is just arriving to Ourania, they may enter from any outer point of the map and may have any manner of tradition, nationality or history. That being said, it wouldn’t be unheard of for stories and legends of Ourania to have spread beyond the land, so new characters are welcome to come armed with rumor or whispers of what this place is.

➤ If your character is a native or immigrated to Ourania prior to the war, they will either have participated in or have very close knowledge of the Unfinished War that ended in cataclysm just mere seasons earlier. If they participated in the War, the magical explosion and splitting of the land by the Rift will have thrust them outwards and away such a distance that they likely sustained some type of injury. Outsiders or onlookers will have felt or witnessed the blast. All magic has disappeared, leaving the creatures powerless aside from those their bodies possess. There will most certainly have been losses, to which many will be mourning even today.


Aeons & Seasons

As time passes on Ourania, it is measured in Aeons. 1 in-character Aeon is equivalent to 6 months OOC time, per our double-time standard. Two hundred and seventy Pre-Aeons have passed since the Old Gods were destroyed. With the opening of Ourania, we will begin at Aeon One.

The land of Ourania has four seasons per Aeon:

Morana - Winter. A time of cold and decay.
Euthalia - Spring. A time of renewal, growth, and warmth.
Udane - Summer. A time of heat and stillness.
Aravind - Autumn. A time of softness and celebration.

Faith & Religion

When the Equines and Canines became so powerful in the days of Pre-Aeon, they effectively overpowered the Gods and removed them from existence. For the most part, the creatures of today on Ourania are generally without any sense of true religion, though they may worship their own deities in their own way. Faith is a subjective thing, and differs from creature to creature.

This makes Atheism common, yet there are also those who believe that destroying the Old Gods was an act of heresy. These creatures may still choose to worship said Old Gods in whatever ways they see fit.

As the site progresses, stories and tales of the Old Gods will likely be revealed and told from the perspective of one of many of Ourania’s Non-player Characters.

Creature Relations

As history tells us, the relationship between Equines and Canines - the apex creatures of Ourania - were not always as strained as they are now. There was once a time when they lived among one another peaceably, caring for one another's kin and worshiping the Old Gods as one singular faith. Many believe that it was the discovery and induction of the Aura Magic that began to weave a strain of ill-content between the species, with the struggle for power corrupting their otherwise quiet lifestyle. Over the Aeons that ill-content became outright rivalry, with many of each species siding against the other in a trademark Capulet vs Montague manner, but there were always exceptions and hidden alliances.

With the mutual destruction of the Old Gods, the last remaining vestige of comradery was snuffed out and the lengthy conflict between the Equines and Canines would continue with fierce and often bloody results. High on their pride and accomplishment of murdering their deities, the strongest of both the species took up arms against one another again and again, often erecting entire Kingdoms dedicated to their causes. When the time of the mighty War was near, there were three dynasties in control and at play: the Varwulfs (a pro-canine culture), the Ouren Keepers (a pro-equine culture), and the Golden Armistice (a pro-multicultural band). It was the members of these dynasties and their alliances whom met each other in open battle time and time again during the War.

The final battle, as we know, was brutal. With the clashing of the magic, the Rift was opened and split Ourania into two incomplete halves, rendering the Aura Magic all but spent and killing an unknown number of creatures from both species. Now with the citizens regrouping and re-entering the land, tensions will likely be high. With the War entirely unfinished and no side claiming victory, what lines that were drawn are now blurred, leaving room for the growth of continued hatred or calming peace both.