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Welcome to the land of Ourania - a place of beastly magic, history and subterfuge recently marred by war and grief. We are a fantasy-driven Canine and Equine play-by-post roleplay game for mature members ages 16 and up, with an emphasis on heavy lore and customizable magics. This compendium is designed to assist in learning all about the site's game mechanics, history, member expectations and more. Before you register an account with us, we urge you to read through the links below over an appropriate period of time in order to get a firm grasp of what we do and how we do it. If at any point in time you have questions, be sure to ask in our Discord. Ourania awaits you!
Here in Ourania, creatures can adopt and learn a specific skill that can serve them along their path to greatness. Not only are Skills a sign of a creature's dedication to their craft, but so too does it provide them with various boons and perks across the site. Once your character possesses enough site currency (Runes), they can purchase a Skill via the site store. Unless otherwise stated, characters can only possess one skill at a time.


Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter skill grants characters access to the otherwise private Bounty List: a list of characters across the site who have brought Dishonor on themselves. Kingdoms and alliances may place a bounty on any creature they wish, with the bounties themselves varying from simple fees or required tasks to far more painful (or even deadly) punishments. When a Bounty Hunter has selected a bounty from that list to pursue, it is then their duty to see it fulfilled. Should they fulfill it, they will be rewarded with the bounty they collect; should they fail, it's possible they'll find themselves dishonored.

Bounties themselves can take time to fulfill and achieve: it may require sleuthing, stalking, information-gathering, and other potentially nefarious means of getting close to your "prey" and thus being able to fulfill the bounty. Bear in mind that Bounty Hunters typically work alone, and it's not uncommon or unheard of for multiple Hunters to pursue the same bounty separately. This gives a flavor of competition, for you are then motivated to complete the bounty before the others lest you lose your prize.


With the Alchemist skill, characters can combine any Resources they find and collect into better, more useful and rare items. Alchemy is certainly a learned craft and it will take time to hone, slowly increasing their efficiency and success rate over time the more they practice. The quality of the ingredients themselves play an equally important part, with High-Quality resources having far higher success than Low-Quality resources.

Alchemists will generally have a preferred place they choose to practice and "brew", while there are some creatures who choose to do it on a whim at various places that strike their fancy or fulfill their muses. Much of Alchemy is trial and error: they will not become perfect overnight, and those with the Skill must persevere and be patient while they learn this difficult art.


Those dedicated to the Lore and Teachings of the Old Gods may call themselves Priests, a skill which grants them the ability to converse and sense the presence of Ourania's non-player characters that will appear across the site over time. It isn't unheard of for heretics to take up the mantle of Priest, dedicating themselves to the knowledge not out of faith or reverence but instead out of political or self-gain, as the knowledge they glean from these special NPC's can prove infinitely useful.

As more Lore comes to light, Priests will be granted special knowledge and access to snippets and pieces of Ourania's history that otherwise wouldn't be showcased site-wide. These instances could occur through visions, dreams, waking dreams and other supernatural means.


Slithery and quick, Survivalists are granted the skillful ability to successfully flee any altercation with minimal harm. While useful should they find themselves in frequent trouble, this skill doesn't wipe away the consequences of fleeing said altercation. Should a Survivalist be called to arms or battle via challenge and they choose to flee, this would count as an automatic default to whatever the terms of the challenge were.

Additionally, Survivalists also have the ability to acclimate to various weather patterns and terrains with ease, finding themselves at home with or comfortable with even tough terrain. This makes them more difficult to pursue, for their feet bear them true where others might find difficulty. They can hide more efficiently, disguise their scent trail, and otherwise make their way quietly.


The Warrior: proficient in battle, adept in strength. Those creatures with this skill will find themselves possessing a more experienced fighting prowess: they tire more slowly, react more quickly, and are guaranteed a single direct hit during every battle they partake in. The Warrior Skill also grants them the ability to forge rudimentary weapons that they may use to their advantage; rock or bone knives, hammers, vine whips and more are now at their disposal, though they are only good for a single fight.

Warriors are tough and hardy, though not invincible: like all other creatures they are still subject to their assigned Weakness.


Advancing your character's skill is something that will take time and dedication. While there is no set criteria that must be met in order to become proficient, Ouranian Staff will be on the lookout for appropriate efforts. You are free to set whatever goals you see fit for your character to become more and more comfortable with your skill, making sure to employ good sense and the understanding that no creature - equine or canine - will be perfect or adept at their skill right off the bat.

As the site grows, we will consider implementing a Skill Tree system with hard-and-fast goals that must be met in order to advance. For now, we want this concept to be beneficial and useful without added stress.