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There was a pang of guilt as he stood among the wreckage of loose bones and mountain-like skeletons strewn across the icy planes. Painfully aware of his participation in the disaster, it was a perfect accumulation of their greed and desire for power, and the true disregard of what the four Gods had created so many centuries ago. Not that Vlad had ever felt much connection to the Gods outside of his Grinhold, Morana, but it was a pity all the same. So much so that he clicked his tongue as he entered one of the larger skeletons, a singular yellow eye following its outlines and sharp edges as they almost connected overhead, pondering just how the creature had felt as it perished. Were they blown out of the water with force, or did the sheer intensity simply scramble their brains to mush?

It mattered not, because it seemed everything had been picked clean by scavengers long ago—much to the rogue's dismay—and he decidedly moved on in search of something else to dig his teeth into. Paws crunched the snow again, and the cold gripped him in ways it never really had before, the loss of his armor leaving him feeling naked and vulnerable. Yet that wasn't the worst of it - armor could be reforged, as could weapons, but magic.. his spells, it seemed he couldn't conjure up even the simplest of tricks he'd once been capable of, and it surrounded his heart in fear and confusion.

Part of him even worried for his own immortality.

Shaking the thought, the male continued South, hopeful the inner realms might offer more in terms of answers, or life, for that matter.

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He's been trying to get back to Ourania for months now. The blast sending him off miles and miles away. He even got lost a couple of times. He stopped along the way.. Certantly things held him back a bit. The wounds from the war were sealed up, but he still had that small, annoying limp in his front right limb. Doesn't matter though, it would heal up pretty fast.

Mismatched eyes were locke don the horizon for a few hours as he could sene it. He could smell it. The scent.. of home. But also, of death. When he came upon familiar lands, his feet digging into the snowy patches that laid about, he could see the consequences. Guilt grew in his chest, though he didn't dwell on it. With a single shake of his head, ill feelings were fogotten. He did what he had to do. And that left him hundreds of miles away from friends and family. From his home. Sometimes, along the walk back, he blamed himself for ever being apart of this.. Maybe things would've been different then.
Shoulders rolled and he exhaled, his breath forming in a white cloud in fron of him. Ah.. He remembered how this place looked before.. and seeing how it looked now, caused him to turn his gaze to the gound yet again and focus on his feet as he continued forward. What was weirder was that he coldn't feel the familiar presence of magic.. There was nothing.. Everything was hollow. Ears flicke dbackwards at the thought of him not using his powers, not being able to do shit. Way to feel uselsess--

Just as the thought slipped his mind, his nose twitched and his eyes lift up to glance at a familiar white form in the distance. A familiar yellow eye. Avilius met this man during patrol, when the war had began. He couldn't call him a close friend, but it was such a relief, to see a familiar face. The name of the white man was recalled to the Roma's mind and Avilius allowed his deep British accented voice slip past. "Vladimir." He exhaled, almost happily. Almost.

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There was a warm familiarity in the voice that shot out behind him, and though the pale knight didn't recognize it immediately he found his stance relaxed all the same, nodding warmly at the incoming wolf as he dug through his cluttered mind for a name, or title - anything he could address the male with.

Making an effort to close the distance, Vlad finally found himself relieved as the memory of the pair meeting during a patrol resurfaced, the ill weather of that day sticking out more than anything. "Ah. Avilius, was it?" Voice characteristically charming, the white male's ears twitched in wait, taking note of his slight limp as the rather mundane-looking wolf approached. "It's good to see a familiar face out in this wilderness," he noted lightly, clicking his tongue at the follow-up. "although, it is a pity what happened here, is it not?"

Vladimir had never been particularly empathetic towards the suffering of others, but in such a grand scale, he couldn't help but wonder if, and how it all could've been avoided.

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