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Each new face of commitment, brought the pale wolf a sense of hope, the flutter of success lived in her belly. Sunshine butterflies that floated gayly and tickled her insides until she was giddy; grinning from snowy ear, to snowy ear. Reckitt was finding out, with each passing day, that there were others like her- those that wished to seek peace. Their campaign was growing, equine and canine sealing a pact to thrive, to focus not on species, but quality of life- harmony. Mending what had been left of the world, picking up the pieces and finding where they would fit to be made whole once more.

This is another day, much like those before it, breath in her lungs, hope in her heart. Udane is peaking, the Sun so warm against the earth, she can see the hazy heat-lines as they rise from the ground. Near invisible waves, rising into the blue skies, she tried to watch them leave, but they were quickly gone. This heat was enough to make her pant, it isn’t even midday yet, the temperature would only rise- today she is thankful to be the color of clouds.

So much to do, she thinks, watching her step and choosing a careful path. As she traces her way into the valley, she tries to focus on her invisibility, what makes it tick- how she might use it with more skill. Practice makes perfect, or something like that, so practice she does- only the odd appendage fading from sight. An ear, no that’s not quite right. A leg, interesting but still no. Then her head, this wasn’t going so well, a deep sigh leaving her, Magic was hard work. 

It takes so much of her concentration that she doesn’t realize she is right back where she started, all those days before, when she faced wraiths and touched flower strewn scars. When she had been faced with a choice, to face Death or face the Rift, she had chose the first; bent on making a difference, soothing the wretched spectres. It wasn’t so easy, nothing here ever was, now was it?

Now her choice had brought her to a new hope, to mend the wounds their world had suffered, to make change. Their world, the thought felt right, she was losing so much of her past, but gaining so much of her future in return. 
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A vast expanse spread out before pale gaze of viridity, her eyes did not match the greenery of the basin, lackluster in comparison, so dull in color that they could almost appear white if you weren't looking close enough. Varga was encompassed in a bowl of coniferous trees, wrapped in a delicate hold to feed the basin, the wanderer moved without much thought accompanying her strides, she held little purpose since the elimination of the Moonves family. Their love for travel had proven to be the death of them, and flashes of the landslide were quick to remind her of their fate. It brought nothing but pain, she remembered their screams, their faces, the shaking earth beneath her feet before everything shifted into slow motion and the mountains gave way.  

Dual audits would fall, eyes closing tightly for a moment, the large feathers which adorned the back of her neck held almost flush against dark russet fur. A rough shake of her head was what would free her of them for the time being, blinking herself back to reality moving with a determination to keep them at bay. She had to focus on other things, something else, anything else. So her eyes settled upon the rising sun and the flatlands of Varga. Atop her crown audits would pull, feathers shifting twitching slightly as she observed the world in her casual strides. 

Moments would pass in due silence, the warmth of the sun continuing to climb, Udane warmed her face and back — it is her fine tuned hearing that catches the soft steps of her company. Having four ears instead of two was a blessing and a curse, her hearing was highly sensitive, and it was for that reason that she appreciated mornings like this when the world was still ebbing with peace. Twitching with refined interest Ellaria rose her head slightly to search for the source, until her eyes rest upon a distant figure of another canine. And she couldn't help but close the gap. 

It took some time, to mend the space between them, but she was finally able to get in better view of the other woman a simplistic dam she was with fur kissed with freshly fallen snow. It was impossible to find an imperfection among her fair features, Ellaria approached without fear, though caution of the unknown lived within her steps. "Are you against company?" came the lull of soft, but proud vocals. 

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Caught up, you could call it, the way she is so very concentrated as she meanders the length of the Valley. Varga, it is called, she knows that now, still learning and clutching at straws when it comes to the ways of this world. Some days she feel like she is making waves, progress fluid like the ocean, others she chips away at stone- she finds no middle ground. This is becoming a day of chisel to rock, having not successfully accomplished full invisibility, only a headache- she squints her eyes, the Summer sun seems too bright.

It is because of her pain, she finally notices the blurred vision of something approaching, be that someone approaching, a shadow blob. Several blinks before she can fully understand what closes in, her ears fall back and she dips low, uncertain what she faces. Then, as her vision clears, the ache still rampant in her temples, she sees another canine, dark as a moonless night. Broad feathers at her shoulder, painted in gemstone and firelight, the color of Freesia in the fields, gleaming yellow, anilin. Reckitt wavers, rigid as a doe in the beam of headlights, unmoving and stiff.

Now, for some uncertain reason, she fades from sight, melting into the backdrop with careless ease. While an uncertain practice, this Aura Magic, it was perhaps more clever than she was, quick witted to send her away from sight. Protection, o, but if only she could master the command of it.

A soft greeting is enough to bring her back, just as quickly forming into the visible spectrum, tail wagging. “Oh Heavens no, not at all,” she said, her voice as bright as her glowing eyes, and as equally as excited. Everything was soft about Reckitt, from the tender gaze of her stare, to the fluff of her chalky fur, the way in which she presented herself, tending to shy away before accomplishing anything else.

“Though, if you don’t mind, some shade would be nice, wouldn’t it?” Wouldn’t it, and her smile beams in such a genuine way, only the Sun could match the radiance she exuded. Without much time for complaint, nor moments to dispute her request, the pale wolf is already pacing towards the cover of the trees. There was no rush, a slight limp in her gait, looking over her shoulder to the stranger. “I’m called Reckitt, and yourself?”
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It was hard to miss the hesitation of the pale dame, her form dissipating like a chameleon might blend into its background. Ellaria's audits would draw back, curious as ever of the womans magic, but still patient until her warm greeting brought the stranger back into view. She smiled as the woman admitted that she didn't have any problem with it, and a surge of relief flooded her veins. 

She was worried for a moment that the girl might flee from her, when truly none in the Moonves family — hard trained as they were, meant any real harm. Their beliefs though may be considered twisted by some, but she knew none the wiser it was what she grew up with. How was she to know it was wrong when no one had given her a valid reason as to why it was, but only judged them from the outside. It was the soft words of the pale woman that drew Ellaria from her thoughts, vibrant eyes snapping toward the girl, not with poor intention but attentive interest. 

Oh shade, that did sound nice. The heat of Udane would be upon them soon, she was able to give a nod before the woman started toward the wall of trees that surrounded Varga. Bright viridescent eyes shifting to the horizon before she followed suit. An ear twitching to catch the womans name — Reckitt. Interesting one "Ellaria," pausing before adding "so I have to ask..." she mused trailing off, eyes shifting toward the ground slightly. 

"Was disappearing on me earlier intentional?" long limbs outreached a bit quicker as they neared the treeline pulling ahead of Reckitt slightly to slip beneath the cover of their canopy and onto a small fallen tree. Settling herself quickly Ellaria turned, resting her rump upon its cool base, feathers flaring out over the edge where her tail draped off. 

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Introduction, it was important to start off on the right paw, so as she looks back at the stranger, she offers her name. The pale wolf did not have much in this life, a worn pack, a red thread, a bobbing canteen latched to a strap, but she did have a name- perhaps her most valued possession. It’s is really all she has to give to another, as it were, this place was lacking for nursing needs and she had seen, nor heard any pups. At first, she had wondered why that was, and then the awful truth of reality set in and her stomach flopped in her belly. War, she doesn’t want to think about how many young lives may have been subject to such an atrocity, then again- it meant she was needed all the more.

That can’t happen again, she told herself upon the realization.

The cover of trees is a welcome thing, the heat slowly creeping higher as they spoke to one another. Kitt welcomed each new face, good or bad, because in her mind, no one was truly bad or evil. Maybe she was naive to think so, or maybe she was a the light of hope to show them that there is a bit of good in everyone- if only you look for it, or let it show.

Here she stops, just at the base of a particularly gnarled Hemlock tree, the earth soft and giving beneath her snowy paws. It was cool here, the breeze flowing freely from the flat valley into the grove and the chirping of birds in the boughs. A turn in exchange, the feathered she wolf offers her own name, Reckitt nods happily saving the information and hoping to be able to use it again. Many new faces had crossed her path since her arrival, or more so she had crossed their path, either way, she was creating an abundance of friendships.

They were all her friends, she would not hear it otherwise.

“It’s nice to meet you Ellaria,” at her back, her tail wags in the dirt, she’s taken to her haunches resting in the shade as she had intended. “I’m afraid that wasn’t intentional at all,” a bit sheepish in her admittance, she wasn’t practiced enough in the art of her Magic to claim control- not yet.

“The Aura Magic, it’s a fickle thing, not so easy to use,” there is a pause, she attempts once more to summon the gift- she only manages to make her front legs disappear, grinning as she looks down to discover this. “Not so easy at all, you see, where I come from, there are not gifts of Magic.” No, where Reckitt was from, they were as plain and simple as her coat.
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She found comfort atop the fallen tree, cool moss wrapped around its bark speaking of its long since departure from this world. For her it provided a cooling seat from the heat Udane would bring as the day crept upon them. But her attention was adrift from the beauty of their surroundings and given to Reckitt, dual ears sliding atop her crown as the woman spoke to which she nodded as Reckitt came to settle herself as well. At least her company had no intention of rushing off, Ellaria though a traveler was not used to doing it solitary. They had always moved in unison, a small group to provide companionship and good memories. 

An audit would flicker toward the girl as she answered Ellaria's question, it didn't come as much of a surprise to her. Aura magic was difficult to master, in all her years born and raised here in Ourania she had yet to blessed with much. Only the defense mechanism she was born with. Reckitt went on explaining the things Ellaria was already mulling about in her mind, and than an attempt of practice. She would glance down toward Reckitts front legs as they slowly disappeared, she couldn't help but chuckle softly. She looked quite funny standing there with no front legs to be seen. Ellaria sighed, smiling brightly "Ahh, an outsider" thoughtful musings as she shifted her gaze to the forest before sweeping it back to Reckitt's hues of honey. 

"Well than Reckitt, let me give you an official welcome to Ourania" a dip of her head, ears twitching as she continues. "You're truly blessed, i'm born and raised Ouranian and i've very little magic under my belt" And than she wonders, "What is your home like Reckitt?" soft gaze settling upon the other woman curiously. 

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It wasn’t easy, would it be worth it if it was? She couldn’t give up, still trying, even now- unable to do much more than cause her legs to fade. The Aura Magic was hard to hone, she was still struggling with the first gift, after weeks of failed attempts to find the niche of invisibility. It seemed to respond when truly needed, at least that was something to be thankful for, and she was- it saved her butt a time or two already. Well, for the most part. It had also led her wandering and alone for a big chunk of time, sent her from the side of the red-masked woman; Kitt hoped Blodreina was okay.

The bit of laughter makes her laugh herself, she was surely looking absurd, standing with no legs on her front half. “Yes, as you can see, I still need practice,” the chuckle is soft, shaking her head a bit in dismay, and then they appear once more, whole and visible as ever.

Outsider she nods, that is for certain, this world as new to her as she was to it.

“Thank you, I’ve had quite the adventure since my arrival,” she offers, settling her weight and evenly dispersing it against her haunches to sit. The shade was pleasant, welcome and needed- she could even go on that the day itself was a good one. “There are many curious things in your land,” curious, that was an understatement, the world was magnificent and wonderous, unusual. “I am very sorry to have learned of your War most of all,” her head hung and she looked at the ground, studying the curve of her own toe nails. “I hope you did not suffer harshly because of it,” Kitt looks up, all the sincerity of the world locked in the golden glow of her eyes.

“My home? Well, it was a lot like this valley, suppose that is why i come here so often. I like the breeze from the mountains on my face, the smell of the treeline at the base, and the open lengths of grass.” A sigh leaves her, it was sometimes enough to remedy the homesickness that crept up in the back of her thoughts, but longing for things she could not change. That would do her no good, so instead she came here to remember and soothe the dull ache when it popped up.

“Nothing so wonderful as Magic, or winged wolves for that matter. I never knew our kind could fly,” there was till surprise in her tone as she spoke of it, even now, with no flighted canis in their presence. She could picture them, their feathers and fragile butterfly wings, they were intriguing and special.

“Oh, I’m sure when you least expect it, one of those strange little orbs will find you,” a wag of her tail, her mouth parting to pant and it looked very much like she was smiling now.
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The two talked like they'd been old friends, Ellaria's soft laughter causing Reckitt to join her. “Yes, as you can see, I still need practice,” maybe, but who was she to talk or judge? She barely even had any magic at all. The intimidating flare of her feathers was the only 'magic' she knew she could possess. Ellaria's two audits slid atop her crown, taking in the womans words with an attentive gaze, the gold feathers that adorned her body shuffling and adjusting slightly in casual movement as the pair spoke. “Thank you, I’ve had quite the adventure since my arrival,” she nodded, it wasn't much of a surprise to her, Ourania was a world of mystery and magic for as long as she'd known it to be, Reckitt got comfortable as she continued 

“There are many curious things in your land,” she nodded quietly, letting her gaze shift thoughtfully. "Curious might be an understatement," she mused with a smirk which etched at the edges of her lips. “I am very sorry to have learned of your war most of all,” she wasn't expecting it to be honest, both of her ears drew back almost instantly upon the words, she could catch the slight movement of Reckitt in her peripheral, but didn't note what exactly she was doing. Impressed that she had already learned of the war, “I hope you did not suffer harshly because of it,” her gaze flickered back to the woman, ears still pulled back against her crown. "No....not because of the war" she trailed off, leaving it at that. 

The change of topic was a blessing in disguise. 

“My home? Well, it was a lot like this valley, suppose that is why i come here so often. I like the breeze from the mountains on my face, the smell of the treeline at the base, and the open lengths of grass.” Ellaria smiled, studying Reckitts expression, “Nothing so wonderful as Magic, or winged wolves for that matter. I never knew our kind could fly,” she sighed. "It sounds peaceful though — simple" and she wondered, what such a simplistic place might be like. 

“Oh, I’m sure when you least expect it, one of those strange little orbs will find you,” Ellaria perked her ears once more, and Reckitt, she seemed to light up at the thought of Ellaria too being blessed by one of these orbs. She sighed thoughtfully, and smiled then "You're probably right...I wonder what it will be" 

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The company of the darker female was easy, Reckitt found a friend in others with an almost ethereal tranquility. She could look upon even the most callous of creatures and find something worthy of companionship, understanding. More often than not, she had not needed to exercise such compassion here, but she would be easily convinced to do so if necessary.

“I would agree,” she laughs, a small chuckle rising from her chest as she looked out past the trees, and over the hills. Here in the shade, she could fully relax, letting the rise and fall of the breeze whisk her fur around as it went. Curious, was indeed an understatement for this land.

Ellaria tells her she has not suffered because of the War, and she does not press the issue. Something about the way her sentences faded out told Reckitt this was not a subject to press, not now anyways, they were still such strangers. With time, perhaps that would change, they would find more comfort in letting each other in, perhaps the sooty woman more than she. Kitt was often an open book, on display of her feelings, her emotions- it was something she could hardly help.

“It was peaceful,” a nod, and for a moment her eyes become a haze, lost in the memory of her old life. It is fleeting but it is there, sometimes she enjoyed the reminisce, others, it hurt far too much to allow herself to linger there. Like the day she thought she had run into her brother, what a fool she was sometimes.

Orbs, strange things, strange and wholly magnificent things. One could not rightly be fascinated by them without also having a pinch of fear in their presence. Lifechangers, she would come to think of them as.

“Indeed, I wouldn’t even have the first guess,” she admits, she possibly knew as much about them as the other. Likely less, much less.

“I think they change too, to accommodate the receiver? Just because the one I touched gave me invisibility, I don’t think that means the same would happen to you necessarily.” She knew that was the case, Blodreina had been blessed with something else entirely from the same orb, somehow, these objects found a uniqueness within them.
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