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Some bridges are meant to be burnt, some roads are never meant to be traveled again.
The waxing moon hung high above Morrighan's head as she traveled on tonight. She had no set destination in mind, but had felt too restless to sleep and was tired of seeing the same scenery that she had looked at the past few days. It seemed about time to travel and maybe do more searching for anyone to join her cause. Maybe she would find something more interesting up in the mountains. Either that, or she could find a cool vantage point and imagine herself ruling Ourania.

It was a bit too ambitious of a goal, even for Morrighan, but she would certainly support anyone who wanted to rule the land. It was time that her kind came out on top of the canines, just as soon as they regained their power. They may as well all be mortal at this rate and the canines were back to their physical advantages. At least she still had the ability to burn, so she wasn't worried about any trying to attack her. She'd kick their ass pretty quick.

There was a waterfall in view ahead and the mare realized she felt pretty parched. The terrain sloped upward and became more of a hike to travel, but she was determined. This was a new area for her as she usually stuck to the meadows or the woods, but there was a first time for everything. It was slightly nerve-wracking to be approaching such a large body of water considering her vulnerability, but unfortunately she had survival necessities.

Once she approached the river, she leaned down and took a drink. However, she intended not to spend too much time this close to the water as it would begin to trigger her symptoms. Drinking was never an issue, but even the light spray of the falls was making her uncomfortable. If she put even one hoof down in the river, it would start to take a toll on her.

When she was done, she stepped back and gave herself several feet between her and the river. Looking around, the peaks loomed above, both menacing and beautiful at the same time. Thankfully, all that was present in the sky were the thousands of stars and the moon, so she would be safe from any kind of rain storm tonight. If anything, this was more relaxing than dealing with the hustle and bustle of the daytime. Maybe here she could relax and eventually drift off to sleep. Other than the roaring of the falls, it was relatively quiet around here.

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