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Undane smiles down, the heat of the Sun baking the earth, leaving clumps of dried cake where once there was mud. Undane smiles down, all but here, where the fog is so thick and unyielding; creeping in the dark like a sickness. Sly blinks blearily out of the door of his den, having just had the most unenjoyable nap, no matter how he tossed, he couldn’t get comfortable. He had let that go on for what must have been an hour, then he huffed, peeked out the hole of his home and confirmed; it had been exactly that- an hour!

“Useless,” he grumbled, pulling the length of his thin body from his house, stretching his legs until his toes splayed. Front crouched to the ground, back dipping into a slide, then he yawned, rows of sharp teeth on display. Righting himself, a good shake and he was done, looking around the swamps with a flat stare.

“Oh good afternoon Ourania,” he spoke with the most condescending tone, full of sarcasm and spite. It’s been a while since there was anyone to speak to in these parts, a very long while indeed, so Sly has taken to greeting the whole of Ourania as if she is still some living, breathing thing. (once he believed she was, once was a very long time ago, when his people lit fires in honor of the seasons, broke bread as a whole) Matter of habit, sniffing the swampy air, the putrid stink of boggy water and flies that float from one dung pile, to the next decaying fish.

It’s not much, yet he stayed, carving the hole in the hill beneath the petrified Juniper- leaving the bones of his meals by the door. Sly wasn’t good at housekeeping, maybe that was another reason he had slunk to the swamps; aside from his own self preservation. Can he be blamed? When faced with an inevitable War, one which did not concern him in the slightest, nor his people, the choice was easy. Even still, there were some that did not see it that way, coward they called him, he disagreed. It was not his cowardice that made him flee, it was his strength, and look, just look at the place, he was right was he not?

Bones on the beaches, a trench carved the length of the realm, he had wanted no part of it then, he wanted no part of it now. 
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