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Does the end justify the means?

Taggard Swift, an immigrant to Ourania, is still learning about the new land that they find themselves on. Currently they're gathering information about the war, the rift, and still trying to figure out what exactly is going on. Taggard is extremely religious, but has never been loyal to one religion, and instead believes in the beauty and sanctity of life and death. She follows her own laws, and wants only good for her fellow kind.

Tagg follows a law of their own creation, and while they are inherently good, if an act of evil is an act to uphold their law at it's core, then it is actually an act of good. Taggard will never ask a name, thinking it rude to do so, but will always offer one. To Taggard, doing good means doing what will bring their kind (be it their pack, or wolves as a whole) the greatest benefit, while causing the least amount of harm.

— Protect the balance of nature at all costs.
— Do not lie, and harm no innocent being.
— Protect those who cannot protect themselves.
— Guide the common man towards the path of righteousness.
— Seek redemption for all sinful acts.

Taggard has a lot to learn IC, and as they gain more information, they will begin to find ways to act about what they believe is sinful in Ourania. After discovering about the Rift, and the war that caused it, Tagg believes that they were sent here to right the wrongs, and cleanse Ourania's soil.

Find out about her immortality. Taggard believes that life is beautiful, but must have an end. Immortal creatures are sinful, and Tagg learning that they have become immortal will be an important plot point for their character.

Find out about horses. Taggard has yet to interact with a horse and will probably definitely freak out when one talks to her. She will not be kind, so it would be interesting if a friendlier character is the first IC horse interaction!

Find out about her vulnerability. With immortality comes a vulnerability. Though it may take Tagg a few threads to figure out that a character who tries to heal her is trying just that, it may be fun to do a few interactions of them discovering their vulnerability.

Seek like-minded individuals. After finding out about horses, immortalities, and vulnerabilities, Taggard is going to try and... well, ruin all of it. They will believe that immortality is sinful and that horses living in harmony with wolves upsets the balance of nature. Ideally, I'd love to form a small group (potentially a kingdom?) of wolves who are with Taggard in their beliefs that immortality is a sin, and maybe help them seek the magic that grants Ouranians immortality so it can be destroyed.

Relationship ideas, and plots that may be worked on more IC than OOC.
— Sparring partners: a wolf who enjoys a bloody and tiring spar
— Not my enemy, not my ally: a horse, or few horses, that tries to be friends with Taggard, despite their unrelenting disgust of horses.
— A True Name: a wolf that maybe gets close to Tagg and begins to figure out that they're not exactly mortal themselves. Perhaps they find out (unwillingly by her) Tagg's True Name.