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Character's First Name: Avrik
Species: Canine
Origin: Native
Grindhold: Aravind
Vulnerability: Sunlight. Avrik is extremely sensitive to sunlight. Any exposed skin will easily and dramatically sunburn within minutes of contact with direct sunlight. His vision is poor, especially in bright light. Full sunlight or any other very bright light can render him temporarily blind with sunspots dancing in his vision. Avrik relies on heavily forested areas and overcast days to move out and about.
Passive Enchantment: Dexterous Claws: Given Avrik's bird-like claws, he is able to pick up, grasp, or otherwise manipulate objects in a manner similar to a bird. They are nowhere near as agile as human hands, but can accomplish many simple tasks.
Extra:  N/A

Played by: Kydnt