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Character's First Name: Kekoa
Species: Equine
Origin: Native Ouranian
Grindhold: Aravind
Vulnerability: The blood of a dead equine will burn Koa like acid. There is a bit of a sliding scale to the intensity of the burn, from a slight itch if they died accidentally, to searing pain/disfigurement and potentially death if he killed the mare/stallion himself.
Passive Enchantment: I'm not sure if I want to give him a passive magic yet... If I change my mind should I just as staff to look it over when I add it?
Extra: First char here!

Played by: Phish

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Under Review

Hi Phish! I love the creativity behind the vulnerability but unlike an on-site Resource, the blood of a dead foal would be extremely hard to come by and is predecated on their being foals on-site to begin with, of which currently there are none making the vulnerability essentially useless. I would suggest changing it to something that can more frequently be found, as a vulnerability should be something that could - at any point in time - endanger your character and thus offset their immortality. Thanks! Also, apologies for the wait on this.

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Hi Mags! When I came up with his vulnerability I was thinking it would be more involved with NPCs, but I definitely see how narrow a scope this is regardless. I've expanded it to be the blood of any equine, hopefully that will work?

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Character Accepted!

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