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Character's First Name: Selichii
Species: Equine
Origin: Native Ouranian
Grindhold: Euthalia
Vulnerability: Dry Heat
Selichii is incredibly susceptible to dry heat and Mid-Udane he has to be very careful. The longer he is exposed without a source of water, the weaker he becomes. Slow and lethargic, his strength will wane and his usually thick skin becomes paper thin. His hearing will be the first to go within 3 hours of exposure as his fin-like ears require moisture to work properly. 

Under natural conditions, such as a cloudless day in Udane or in a desert, the full effects of Selichii's vulnerability will take 24 hours to manifest. However, when exposed to extreme circumstances, such as fire magic, this change can occur much more quickly. Adrenaline can help combat the lethargy, but does little to repair his hearing, strength, or thin skin. 

Immersing himself in water will immediately thicken his skin and return his hearing. To fully regain his strength and mental facilities, Selichii requires at least an hour of soaking before he feels hale again.
Passive Enchantment: Deep Sea gives him tough skin, essentially night vision and makes him impervious to cold temperatures (see profile for full description)
Extra: His passive enchantment is basically Aquaman xD

Played by: Phish