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Staring at the beast with teeth blood red.

He’d gone quiet. Why, he couldn’t hear the fiend at all. As he wandered farther away from his home, a feeling crossed over his chest and seemed to have the intentions of pulling him back. However, the fear was not strong enough to overpower the guilt. He failed a while ago, but the dispirited eyes of his grandfather was still burned into his mind. Everything he done for Juryoku was for nothing—the boy couldn’t be saved from that of what the world had to offer and what that offer injected into his life. Could he make it right again? Become the one his grandfather wanted all along... but what could he do?

The mossy forest floor faded beneath his paws. And while the cold remained, the land had felt to have shifted entirely. He looked ahead to where he wandered, a certain emptiness present upon it. For a moment, Juryoku thought nothing of it, continuing at his usual pace. However, it appeared once he crossed a ghostly line, something inside him snapped as if a part of him shattered. He stood shocked while his chest twisted. It took a faint sound from behind to grab him back into the present moment. The pain in which waved over his body was nearly numbing. He sat down with a certain weight upon him, a force nudging him aback. After a few minutes the aching subsided and the pressure retreated.

... Then the calmness returned.

Looking forward, there was a little bug in his ear persuading him to go back. However, with a little thought, he carried on to wherever his legs were taking him. A heavy mist seemed to swallow everything, but then the looks of a wasteland filled his view. Crimson eyes were curious and whiskers tempted by any new smells he came across. There was something about this land, perhaps the world in which held a vile secret. At the small sight of water, his steps grew quicker as he surveyed this territory throughout.

The cold water that ran through his gills was quite refreshing. He rested at the shore for the moment before deciding to scavenge through the many bones here. His stomach was looking for scraps from these skeletons of sea creatures, while his mind secretly searched for something more. Of course, it appeared he was late for the feast, but he rummaged through the bones at the little chance of finding something. Discovering the remains of a creature nearly the length of him, he snapped bones and piled them away as he foraged about this poor animal.


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The ice is cold and thick beneath the breadth of her paws as she sits sentry upon a glacier's edge. The very frost of it penetrates her skin as two twin tendrils of hot breath cloud upwards in front of her muzzle: she's a steam engine lying in wait, observing the world around her with silent if careful precision as she removes what rust from herself that has collected with time. Over the months since the War, Blodreina's body has healed and with it, the cavity of her mind. Such a defeat was one she had never expected and now -- stripped of her magic and left only with that her own body provides -- the burning ferocity of her conquest and her temper begin to roil and boil within her once more, a volcano itching to erupt and spew every ounce of her ire for all the world to see.

Beastwreck held a special place in this native Ouranian's heart: the bones, the death, the cataclysm of it all spoke to her in ways not many other places did. What with her penchant for cold (she's a daughter of Morana after all) and all things dark and dreary, the veritable graveyard of marine life gave light and vision to her own inspirations. It lent her a strength she had felt waning since the aftermath of the battle, and it was precisely here that she'd found herself after the horror of the blast and the opening of the Rift. She'd landed, unceremoniously and battered all to hell, amid a land of utter death - dead or dying whales, seals and other marine life surrounded her on the beach. She'd lifted her head once to drink in the sight, and then allowed unconsciousness to take hold.

It was a memory she won't soon forget. And now, with the carcasses picked clean and only the white skeletons remaining, she finds a sense of calm with being here, having traveled and lived it these past months. When lo, a visitor: a male, all gray and with a scent fresh as day and unbeknownst to her. The crimson feathers and quills at her back flare ever so slightly, a physical manifestation of her new awareness of this stranger. Her cerulean eyes narrow slightly as she watches him move across the barren ice, wandering ever closer to her perch and yet even then Blodreina doesn't move, her rump rooted and her tail coiled about her front paws. "A grave-robber," she comments wrly, her voice deep if feminine. It's meant roughly in jest, and she hikes her voice so that it might carry the distance between them: several yards, perhaps more. A cloud of frosted breath leaves her lips as she speaks. "I'm afraid you won't find much, as us outcasts have already done the robbing." The equus jawbone jangles about her neck as she shifts in her seat, adjusting her weight from one hip to the next, watching him closely.
"Revenge is just another prayer at their altar, darling... and I'm well off my knees."

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This day is like any other, is it not? The glare of the Sun on her back, illuminating the gradual dullness her coat has taken on. Residual dirt clinging to her otherwise hoary pelt, looking more and more travel worn as the hours passed. Dried flakes of mud, she’d made no attempt to remove them, stray leaves shriveled and caught in her coat.

No, this day was not like the others, not at all.

It had begun that way, checking in on Niveus, her cough was getting better, racking her body with less frequent shutters. Reckitt licked her brow, tail wagging madly, wishing her good fortune and plenty of rest. Moving on to have a chat with Spadix, his stories were always best, and she listened with a keen and patient ear. There were times he backpedaled, turning circles on his thoughts, revisiting the same sequence of events as if they had not just been there. She always smiled, encouraging him to continue, even when he paused, uncertain of himself. Like he had just noticed his misfortune, eyes fogged, jaw tight.

From there, it was much the usual, pacing into the leafy fronds, off to explore the woodlands and peek under fallen logs. There was always so much to see, to collect (a hoarder, waste not want not), to experience- often a new friend to make, or at least a noble acquaintance to be had. This time she had just kept walking, not really looking where she was going, night falling, she had lost track of time. That’s why she stumbled, falling forward and then, when she found her feet, righted herself- everything was different.

Not only had the Sun rose again, though she did not recall it rising, the sound of waves far off had greeted her shimmering stare. Two lamps set against a mask of white, specks of blue beneath the rims, she always looked others in the eye- they often returned the favor.

“A grave robber-”

Voices close, an expanse of frost, smells so unfamiliar and exotic. Each bone finds her acknowledgement, drinking in the menagerie of bleached remains, sucking in a breath- what place was this?

“Hello?” Both announcing her presence and seeking to know the source of conversation, bending her way around an overhang of ice. Figures lone, so she approaches slowly, a slight limp to her gait. Ears befallen against her head, submission, nothing more. Reckitt is no fighter, nor does she cause rifts to create confrontation. Behind her, a chalky tail wags, greeting, hopeful. “I seem to be lost,” she admits, frowning, though there is an odd cheeriness to her tone, as if she isn’t quite so upset about that after all.
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Staring at the beast with teeth blood red.

His luck was a finicky thing. Although this reaping brought no meat to savor, he still had marrow to take from some of the bones. As he gathered up the best, Juryoku paused for a moment to look about his surroundings. His ears swiveled and whiskers twitched. It wasn’t long before he caught the looks of a figure. A heavy cloud escaped his nostrils as he locked his gaze onto the stranger. And once he hears her voice, he snaps the bone within his maw.

Flat onto his belly, he crunches away at his little meal. Come a few seconds after and he finally responds to the other. “Such a shame leaving us wandering souls to go on hungry,” he said. Though he could swim out and fish for his food, the unknown water of this land could reveal some deadly beasts he wished not to encounter. No, he wasn’t ready to return to Death just yet.

The dame that sat a ways before him was an interesting sight. What had his attention the most was what stuck out upon her back.  Most of those upon his homeland were pretty plain, so he wondered how extravagant the looks could get of those upon this land. He shifts his weight to one side while finishing up one part of this bone. His crunching stops once he hears another voice come forth.

Another dame, a bit smaller than the other, slowly approached. She appeared docile in how her body moves—Juryoku giving a nod at her greeting. He snorted at her confession of being lost, realizing that he himself was lost as well. Well, not “lost” but unaware of where he truly lain currently. “Frown not for you are not alone, hon. I hadn’t a clue where I am either,” he told. His eyes then drew toward the larger female, giving a slight tilt of his head.

“Outcast you said.” He thought for a second. “Have you any knowing of this land?” he asked. Abandoning his bone chewing, Juryoku lain quietly as he awaited an answer. His tail curled, and his gaze went back to the pale wolf, watching what she may do.


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'Such a shame to leave us wandering souls to go hungry.' A smirk befoils the edges of her dark lips, drawing them upwards just enough that the very tips of her pearly fangs became briefly visible. The irony of it all isn't lost on her, for she was one of the many who'd eaten and picked at the carcasses until there was nothing left. She, the vultures, and all manner of other outcast. Blodreina holds her peace as she watches him with feigned interest, swallowing and effectively hiding the air of boredom that threatened to rise off her like the very heat of her breath. But then, movement: a scent wafts beneath her muzzle at the entrance of yet another canine, a fact not lost on her; in her current state of frustration, there was no telling what words or actions might come from the crimson-crowned woman should a member of the equus cross her path. The jaw worn round her neck was testament enough to that.

Another lost soul, drifting from the wilds beyond what was known as Ourania no doubt. Wanderers were not an uncommon sight, but these days -- and with the War unfinished and freshly behind them -- Blodreina found them to be almost a nuisance, as if they were nosing into business that wasn't theirs to know. A childish and equally incorrect thought, perhaps, but one that echoed in her mind regardless. Crunch went another bone as the male's jaws crushed into it seeking marrow and other proteins. The frigid cold made survival here all the more complicated as their bodies had to work harder in order to maintain a healthy warmth, but there was vigor and power in that to Reina, enough so that she reveled in it in her own macabre way. As the female approached all the closer, her own cerulean eyes recognized the limp in the other woman's gait and it was enough to prickle some instinct deep inside her, riling her like a beast awoken. Briefly did the hackles along her name - quill and feather included - flare just a scant inch as an itch within her begged to scratch, to hunt, to feed but she managed to keep her composure.

To her surprise, the conversation moved again to include her with a question. As her ears cupped to the question the smirk on her lips grew to almost a whole smile. "More than you can fathom," she replied evenly, her voice taking on a darker aura. Her gaze drifted to the surrounding landscape and beyond, finding familiarity in it as if it were a part of her, and she a part of it. "You've found the land of Ourania: I've walked each realm for nearly a millennia. Welcome to Beastwreck." Her chin dipped as she stared down the bridge of her nose at them both, watching them carefully and in complete silence that followed.
"Revenge is just another prayer at their altar, darling... and I'm well off my knees."

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Cheer makes its mark in her tone, drifts from the parting of alabaster lips with mirth, a lighthearted expression. Against her back her tail waves slowly, back and forth, -swish-. There is a curiosity unfed now, hollow wonder in her glowing eyes of honey, a thing to match her empty belly. Though they do not growl and churn in bubbled breaths, rippling gurgles to be heard by the others, should they be listening.

No, Reckitt’s eyes did not protest, if anything, they answered  in praise of this new world. Drinking it in like an unquenched thirst, lips cracked and splitting they lacked adequate hydration.

Boneyards, she watched the male chew mightily at the bones, crunching into the cores to suck out the marrow. Bones had never been her forte, but she sniffed at the smaller leftovers, nosing them from the dirt. Looking up at the female against the overhang, dark and formidable, with spines inching forth against her blades. There was a coldness in this one, she had seen the likes of it before, smaller doses, usually directed at others. Nevertheless she was cautious, watching, and leaving the meager leftovers. Shrinking, lowering her head once more and allowing her ears to droop, she was not here to steal.

“Frown not,” says the male, there is nothing of malice, that she can hear, so again her tail twists lightly at her hocks. Rising from the fallen posture she had displayed, though she is nothing tall and magnificent to behold when she stands.

”Ourania, millenia..”

“Millenia,” a whisper, hushed against her pale lips, of all the words to leave the great woman, this was the one that stuck with her- left her spine tingling and her thoughts uncertain. How could one pursue the hunt for such a long time, to not rest for so long?

A moment passes in quiet, her eyes to her feet, and the lace of frost encased earth. What manner of catastrophe had caused such immense death?

“I beg your pardon,” words come, words spoken out loud and directed toward the feathered woman. Head low, the movement of her tail ceasing and curving up towards her belly between her legs. Carefully, so, so carefully did she speak. She had learned as a child to step with caution when addressing an Alpha, to be respectful and to the point. This woman here, she must be one.

“What happened here, a sickness?” The pale downy woman can not help but attribute the purging of sealife to some great illness, and in the back of her mind, she wondered if she had just become exposed to it herself.
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Staring at the beast with teeth blood red.

The energy that exuded from the quilled canine. He looked back at her with eyes narrowed and a tail further curled. To follow after was a sigh and a somewhat shrug of his shoulders, Juryoku noticing how she looked at the limping dame. His expression was challenging as if daring the dark beast to do something. Though simply did he get up, his legs bringing him closer to the fairer wolf before seating himself a meter away from her. He watched—those crimson eyes of his scorning the feathered stranger.

His ears perked once he got an answer. The name of this land echoed throughout his mind, and Juryoku wondered if his grandfather knew anything of this Ourania. The old man knew a lot, kept of a lot of details of planes even beyond their own. However, he could not recall a single thing or whether he read something along that name. He hummed at what this particular territory was called but wouldn’t take his gaze off the native wolf to look back over this area of bones. Before he’d part his lips, he’d allow the smaller woman to speak.

Finally, did he put his sight on this pale canine, tilting his head as she presented a question toward the other. Juryoku was highly doubtful that any disease would have done this, at least not as the major cause. There was a diverse range of aquatic species upon this area, no said sickness could do a number on this many different creatures... maybe? More than they can fathom? Hmm... “I wouldn’t say sickness. These bones could tell a different story,” he said.

He took his eyes off the both of them as he scanned the area for a second. His view was then back on the quilled woman with his face wearing a questioning mask. “What has been done to which we cannot fathom? What dirty little secret are you hiding behind those nasty eyes?” he wondered. With one brow risen, his eyes would slowly narrow as silence returned.

@Blodreina  @Reckitt

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Wicked though she was, she did well to hide it; Reina's collected and calm cerulean stare rarely wavered from her company, though she was quick to note when the limping she-wolf cast her glances or means of subservience. There was a brief second that this act of notability angered her if only because it served as a reminder that her conquest had been lost nearly a year ago, at a fault she didn't believe to be her own: the war, after all, was left unfinished. But that reminder poked and prodded in her brain like a chewing flea that her once-mighty empire had been rendered to ash and screams when the cataclysm had occurred. The moment -- anger, frustration, all of it -- passes and she remains in an air of stoicism as she quiets the hunger behind her eyes, instead remaining in her silence so that the conversation between them might wash over her in a quiet wave.

When the question behind Ourania's quiet reaches her ears, Reina doesn't answer immediately. No, her attention has been otherwise stolen by the scornful glances from the gray-hued male before her, his eyes as red as the feathers and fur that don her crown. She shifts again, adjusting the minutia of muscles that wrap her body in a cocoon of strength, and exhales another breath of frost. The cloud of it mars her vision if only for a moment before he speaks again, this time what can only be construed as an insult. For all her rancor and her wrath, Blodreina could only find the word 'nasty' as appropriate and comical as he likely didn't mean it -- in all her years, she'd been called many a thing. Nasty was never one of them; it was too crass, not bold enough, but carried with it a humor she rather liked. For the first time since they'd begun speaking, her lips lifted into a fully-fledged smile.

She was entertained. "No secret," she responds, her answer as much for him as it is for the slighter female who originally asked. "Only War." The expression on her face darkened with the memory, still fresh in the forefront of her mind. "Canine and Equine met one another on field of battle roughly a year ago. We each possessed magic of an unmatchable sort, and when that magic clashed came the cataclysm." With a calm movement of her muzzle, Reina gestured southwest of them in the general direction of where the chasm had opened. "Travel southwest for two days and you'll come upon the result of that war: the Rift. It split the land in two and killed or expelled all who were near it." With calm and strengthened vigor she rose to her paws for the first time, dismounting her perch in a fluid leap that deposited her onto the ground at their level. Her tail swept behind her as she took one, two, three steps towards them and stopped.

"The blast affected not just those engaged in war," she said, looking to the amassed bones of whales, seals, and other sealife that riddled the rocky, icy beach around them.

@Juryoku @Reckitt
"Revenge is just another prayer at their altar, darling... and I'm well off my knees."

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Gratitude, the shift in the male’s body language did not go unnoticed and she allowed his closeness. Nodding her head, closed lid eyes, a ‘thank you’ without words. Stilling herself from shrinking away from them both, a natural response for an Omega- for that’s what she was, if we are to be honest. The bottom rung of the ladder, eat last, rise first. It’s why she had made herself so useful in her pack, why she learned ways to help and to heal. It made the taunts and sharp teeth come less, the nods of appreciation and thankfulness come more frequently.

In the end, helping was enough, the white woman was happy to do her part- even if that meant creating her own role to play. Creating her own means of armor when her body had failed her. If she helped them, they wouldn’t hurt her, right?

One per customer and all that jazz, so she made the best of the one that was hers. Sitting back on her haunches and staring straight ahead, lamp like eyes wide and attentive.

“Nasty eyes,” he called them, she would have chosen ‘Cold’, Reckitt felt no warmth when she looked into those eyes of blue. They made her feel miniscule, even if she was slighter than them both, she had never felt so utterly diminished as she did when the feathered female looked her way. Then the words came again, the regal tone of her voice, the craftsmanship of knowledge, insight. Kitt didn’t realize she was placing this woman on a pedestal, so unusual she was.

Relief, sighing away the air trapped in her lungs, a breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding. Sending the murmur to the frosted air, watching as it hung in cloudy puffs against her milky lips. She settled, leaning forward a hair as the woman spoke, ears perked and eager. Simply put, Kitt was entranced and interested in the telling of the dark woman’s tale, feeling tiny prickles of gooseflesh as she enlightened them both.


It made her heart heavy, sullen and sad. Such creatures pitted against one another, and to what end? The answer was clear, displayed in such a manner, right here in front of her, she saw only loss accumulated on the frozen beach.

“That’s awful,” she practically blurted it, not giving much thought before speaking this time. Allowing her emotions to flow forth from behind the dam, a dam that was slowly crumbling away in the presence of two strangers- they were becoming less and less strange by the minute.

“Sorry,” as though she had spoken out of turn. “I’m Reckitt,” she offered brightly, tail swishing against the frozen granules beneath her. “You can call me Kitt if you want to.”
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Staring at the beast with teeth blood red.

A smirk stretched his lips, and a snort soon followed as well. There was a part of him that didn’t believe it—that there was no secret. Sure, the dark canine would go on to explain what has happened here, but his mind felt there was something beneath the filth of this entire land. Though perhaps with just being upon a new ground, he felt the need to devour every bit of information, that there was always something more behind the “little” things to be said. He brought his attention back to his company with whiskers quivering to note the present scents.

How unfortunate. The aftermath of war; he always wondered was such a drastic measure worth it in the end. Of course, he never experienced one as he only had the archives of the deceased involved to really know what real damage it could do. It saddened him to see these skeletons spread about in knowing they took what stray bullets came from that conflict. “How futile,” he sighed. “What were your reasons? To blast out each other’s throats, to have gone as far as to tear this land apart,” he questioned this feathered stranger further. He wanted to continue to say it was foolish, but he’d hold any other thoughts for just this moment.

The monochrome fellow was back upon his belly despite the beastly woman having come closer to the two. He smiled toward Reckitt as she offered her name. Unsure whether to give his name in the presence of this quilled canine, he had no reason to hold his tongue on such a thing for he was nothing but fresh blood upon this region. Still—no, he had nothing to protect. Nothing at all here. “Juryoku is my given. Nice to meet you, love,” he said to Reckitt. Taking a deep breath, he watched his breath escape his maw in a cloud.

“And what be yours?” he asked as his gaze fell back upon the unnamed stranger.

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'That's awful,' said the slighter she-wolf - now @Reckitt by name - but Blodreina's opinion heavily differed. Perhaps equally awful to her, yes, but for a weightier and far more different reason: her conquest had been interrupted, her empire vanquished by the very power she and the other residents of Ourania had crafted and wielded for centuries. And then! -- to make matters worse, they were stripped of that power and left for dead. Even without Gods, it was an event that lived in biblical infamy and for all her ire and rage, Reina had no desire to relive it anytime soon. No, she used her solace here in the frozen wilderness to rebuild herself, heal, and create a new set of goals upon which she might reconstruct her vision of an Ourania free of any Equus influence.

Much of her entertainment in the moment came from watching @Juryoku's expressions as he addressed her. How quickly they both seemed to judge her without knowing the whole story, but was it really her duty to teach them? It irked her (newcomers always did, to a degree) but at the same time logic dictated that her anger shouldn't be misplaced. Dark and unpredictable though she was, even teetering a line of evil for all intents and purposes, she wasn't a creature of stupidity and could be reasoned with on certain subjects. "Awful, futile," she repeats, her voice even and calm, "these words hardly scratch the surface of what that war meant to us. To me." But would she tell them?

Perhaps, with time. "Tell me, wouldn't you go to any lengths to see your people survive?" Her body pivoted as if she meant to move away from them, though really it was an excuse to look beyond her company and to the south, where she'd previously gestured. In truth she hadn't been back to inspect the Rift except but once, with regret. Exhausted and overcome, she'd made Beastwreck her home until she felt renewed enough to continue on. That day was incredibly near.

"Blodreina," she offers at last, an afterthought to the heaviness that weighed in her mind. Her teeth itched for battle, her bones for war; it was her every fiber, the definition of her existence. But for now, she would tolerate a more comely life if only while she rested and regained her strength.
"Revenge is just another prayer at their altar, darling... and I'm well off my knees."

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Her better nature won out, as it so often did. Foam and froth, Reckitt was a piping cup of joe, one to warm bones and awaken the mind. A friendly grin as she left her name, what a miniscule offering, but it was all she had- it brought peace, if for a moment. It was difficult for her to hold grudges and the more the woman spoke, the more sadness she saw in the story, the more untouched hurt there was behind the mask of cold glares. A warrior fallen, failed, she’d never say that out loud, but it was there, the dots started to connect.

As they went on speaking, she began to relax, allowing her tensed muscles to unwind- to bend, instead of break. The chill met her flesh, coursing through her soiled white hair, touching the delicate skin beneath. A shiver took her, mild, two, three quivers, no more. It wasn’t the cold that bothered her most, breaking the sanctity of her coat, more so the ache it caused her, the joint in her right protesting. Holding her jaw tight, lowering herself to the chilled ground, making sure her right paw was carefully tucked beneath.

Juryoku, Blodreina, their names given in return, she almost yipped in joy at the exchange, holding her mouth tight as not to embarrass herself. Such names, they would need remembering, so she stored them away, folded them into her memory for safe keeping.

Somber is the stitch, it felt like she was pulling at a wound, the words that left the dark woman now, the questions to follow.

“Of course,” she looked at the ground, firefly eyes falling to the small of her uncovered left paw- then a strained smile as she looked over to the whiskered male. There was injury here she could not mend, she was slowly seeing it unravel, the bandage unwind as the tale did. Pivoting away, she motioned to go, but then she stopped and Kitt’s ears perked up at the display.

“I’m sorry,” she offered, and this time it was not due to her exuberance, it was offered for the hollows left behind. For a soul as empty as her stomach.
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Staring at the beast with teeth blood red.

Another sigh left his lips. The dark canine states how much the war meant to everyone here yet swallows her tongue in explaining the importance of it to these newcomers. He could not care if he could not know—as if it would make much of a difference in how he felt anyhow. She then batted a question at the two that would have them consider the idea personally. Was it bad that he didn’t care? That in the end when it came down to others surviving, he’d help where he could but it was ultimately on them. If Mother Nature would want it that way for said people, then so be it.

“No,” he said.

Perhaps he wasn’t in the right place to answer such a question though. He had no people—only a person, his grandfather. Even then, it was a “care but don’t care” attitude within their relationship these last few decades, especially as matters got tense between them. He would be devastated if something happened to the old man, but would he go the extra mile to see the elder live another day? Maybe... His mind was still upset, his heart still bleeding in knowing the old wolf wanted nothing to do with him anymore.

Then, there came that empty feeling again.

He shook his head and buried any intruding thoughts, bringing his attention back to the two dames. Finally was there a name for the quilled woman, Juryoku taking care to burn it deep into his memories. He offered a strange look to Reckitt as she apologized for something once more. Deeply he wondered about the small dame and why she responds the way she does. However, he’d leave it alone for now as a certain thought bugged his mind.

The male looked at Blodreina as he opened his maw with words still honeyed yet somber. “Define ‘your people’.” His gaze then settled away from his company, staring at the bones he’d broken and piled up.

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The rigidity of Blodreina's expression softened at the edges, like ice melting beneath a spring sun. 'I'm sorry,' the other woman had said, and in contrast to @Juryoku's shifty expressions she found it oddly comforting, if entirely unexpected. What hunger remained behind her eyes for the limping female dissolved as Reina felt a new surge of something else entirely: to collect, to keep, like a dragon discovering gold to add to their hoard. With Sabazius missing and Konstantine presumed dead, Blodreina's list of confidants and wards had thinned to nearly nothing. It was time to change that.

No words left her lips to accept the apology but even so, her expression spoke volumes in that moment she sought @Reckitt's eye contact and acknowledged it in her own silent, brooding way. She offered a distinct - if almost imperceptible - dip of her chin; a nod of sorts, no matter how small, and a means of offering her thanks. The moment her cerulean gaze drifted from the girl back to the gray-hued male still hoarding his bones the ice had returned, the thaw ended: she watched him careful and quiet reserve, studying him, though for all her rancor she wasn't doing it out of corruption but rather a need to learn, to see. "My people: those I choose to protect at all costs. To feed them, shelter them, love them. Those whom I call family."

It was true, every word of it. At its peak, the Varwulfs had been a family unit. While they had bonded over a mutual distrust and disdain of all equine folk, that had grown into a far more wonderful thing and for the first time in her very long life, Blodreina had discovered what it meant to love, to cherish, to protect. Where she had once been scorned for her bloodthirst and visions she was lifted aloft and named Queen. She! Usurper and Unmerciful, named their Chosen. And she had loved them for it and wanted to protect them, to see them flourish. That was all she wanted, was to re-make Ourania into the home they deserved. Would that vision ever come to pass?

"You've come to Ourania in a time of great mourning and recovery. What will you do now that you've arrived?" A genuine question, and one she asks with a hushed tone.

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An Illusion Orb has been discovered!

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Ghost tales turned into words of loss, shortcomings of stolen victories, broken promises. From where she lays on the frozen sands, she watches Juryoku eye her strangely, so she offers an answer for his unspoken questions. A hushed whisper, “Has anyone ever apologized to her?” A question that did not require and answer, “Sometimes all someone needs, is for another to listen, to hear them.” Exactly the way she let Spadix retell his stories, day in and day out, like he had never uttered the words before. She would allow him his dignity, everyone deserves as much, and Blodreina was no exception. Truth be told she isn’t sure she would ever deny it- to anyone.

For the first four years of her life, she bore the brunt of her packs aggression. Eating their scraps, shrinking away from their gatherings, always trying to disappear (to be unseen) and yet she was always the one to instigate play, her howl was the loudest when they sang- it was the way of the pack.

From the earth she rose, as if to follow, but as Blodreina looked back at her, those ocean eyes meeting her lamps- she was stilled from progression. Uncertain what it meant, at first, and then the most unexpected thing occurred. A nod, the smallest of acknowledgement, there was understanding there, and Reckitt was warmed by that stare for the first time. She knew, deep in her heart, that no one was inherently bad, so her tail wagged jovially, a pendulum of white.

The tone turns more serious, a quiet she can not place the reasoning to. What will she do now? She hadn’t gotten that far, she still was unsure why she was even here.

“Well,” she thought, coming to a rest on her haunches near the larger female, lifting a leg to scratch at her ear. “Back home, I’m a caretaker. I tend the sick, watch the pups, so I see no reason to change that, it’s what I know,” her head twists as she reaches the itching spot, tongue lolling as she finds it. Eyes averted she spots something even more unusual than her company, a glowing ball.

The sphere rolls lazily across the frozen beach, bumping into white washed bones and spinning away in a new direction.

“Hey what’s that!” A shout of excitement leaves her ashy lips, coming to attention and hopping playfully towards the object. When it stops, she crouches, hind lifted, front legs splayed wide, her tail ticking behind her. Her left paw bats at the ground, reaching, and then she pounces, rolling off the orb as though it was made of rubber. What she doesn’t realize, upon touching the glowing sphere, is that she has faded from sight, laughing as she bounces unceremoniously to the beach. A voice that still rings true, unhidden by her new found gift.

Power Name: Invisibility
Description: User can render themselves unseen by the naked eye and become invisible in visible spectrum by blending in, and effectively matching their environment. The user can move about an environment unseen by others and act without being observed, however they are not protected from detection by the other senses. User can still be located by smell, touch, and sound. This ability proves best if used as a means of quick escape, or as means to buy time before facing the inevitable.
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Staring at the beast with teeth blood red.

A sheepish smile crossed the male’s face as Reckitt whispered to him. He felt abashed by the matter—his smile then turning into a quivering grin. The fair dame wasn’t wrong; why, he would appreciate the same as well, in all honesty. He subdued the awkwardness plastered on his face once Blodreina responded to his words. A hum escaped his lips, and his eyes strayed away from his company again.

Yes, it seemed he wasn’t in the right place at all. Love them, yes, but his mind grew wary when it came to the other things. His heart feared something. Of course it did, it couldn’t imagine cherishing anyone else for it had felt to have lost it all already; that there was no redeeming itself from what it has done. Could something ever be done? He would think with time it may be possible, but the fellow also knew it was easy for these little bugs to become monsters. Juryoku breathed in, and his ears perked at the canine’s question.

Listening to what Reckitt may continue to do, his weight shifted upon the cold ground as he goes into deep thought. There was no hiding, not anymore. He was fully out upon the world—there was no running back home or to the person he could only trust. Death no longer slithered over his shoulders, cooing for what It wanted of him. Would he go forth with what he knew, or take a different path? “It’s... hard to say,” he stated. “It seems recording every soul’s history here would be troublesome,” he glanced at Blodreina, “but potions... perhaps they still will have value here.” Thinking more on the idea, his musing was interrupted by Reckitt’s excitement.

An orb. He watched the pale wolf go after it, staying put at where he currently rested. Just as he thought, it appeared that there was more to this area than just bones. Juryoku chuckled but lost the amusement he had once Reckitt disappeared. Oh, there was a lot more—more than he could ever wish for. A certain force felt to have enveloped him, however, his soul was quick to reject the magic it brought forth. He breathed out, finally getting back onto his legs. Without thought, he moved closer to the quilled woman as he watched in the direction to where he heard the smaller dame’s laughter sound out the most.

Juryoku looked concerned but a little smile was apparent on his lips.

@Blodreina  @Reckitt

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Magic Accepted!

@Reckitt, your magic application for 'Invisibility' has been approved! You may now select an icon from the Icon Selection (more icons are being added shortly!) and add it to your character profile. Please also make sure your new magic description is listed under the 'Aura Magic' section of the profiles.

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The lass was a pupsitter, a keeper of the next generation; in Ourania, that was one of the most important and revered positions a creature could have, what with the younglings being in such a vulnerable state in comparison to their elders. Until they reached their adult forms they were as mortal as any prey she hunted: one bite, one sickness was enough to succumb them to the yawning jaws of death, and thus the Keepers' duty was to safeguard them from all mortal failings and causes until they had a chance to mature. None of this she spoke of aloud - there was something about her current company that stilled her tongue, and she didn't want to reveal overmuch. Whether it was a sign of her own failings or simply her natural distrust of others, Reina wasn't an open book and there was a part of her, however sinister and perhaps silly, that wanted them to discover it on their own.

Their mail counterpart named potions as his interest, and to this her ear perked. To be a master of potions was to be an adversary: poisons, tinctures, illusions... they could all be brewed and bottled what for the plethora of ingredients and resources Ourania held. She could only wonder what sort of treasures could be found where he came from. Would they rival here?

For her part she's unable to respond to either of them -- a distraction appears, and the very flesh of her crawls uncomfortably, as if stricken with sudden electricity. It's a sensation she hasn't felt in seasons, and one that -- for all her poise and strength -- downright startles her. The quills and feathers along her back spring to life, standing aloft and fanning out as her upper lip lifts to reveal fangs gleaming and sharp: her muscles harden as she steels herself against the ground, standing tall with paws and legs as roots as her eyes seek the source of the sensation. It arrives among them, a glowing orb: soft and pale eggshell with a tender light about it. Blodreina can't believe her eyes.

"It's returned," she says, her voice hardly above a whisper. She allows herself a moment to enjoy and to survey: magic, so powerful and pristine, had returned. Gratefulness quickly become hunger, and the awed expression on her face melted into a severe and visible need for it. As @Reckitt stepped into the Orb and vanished from sight - though Reina could still smell her - she knew for certain what it was. "The Aura Magic has returned." Her voice is steel now, unencumbered by joy or rapture. Without hesitance she moves forward at a determined stride and walking directly through the hovering light: it touches her skin with icy-hot clarity and absorbs deep into the marrow of her bones. The initial shock of it is almost painful, enough to make her wince and cry out if briefly, but that cry becomes a chuckle of utter satisfaction within but a moment.

She stands there, having passed completely through it, feeling as the magic pours through her and attaches itself to her very aura, her very soul. Her skin tingles and surges with the power of it and, in test, she calls on the once-power she had possessed in the time prior to the War.

Ignited by the magic her body becomes navy and crimson smoke, and where she stood but a second prior was now only the smoking remains of herself. She reappeared several yards away, deposited in an equal wraith-like smoke that rose off her in a cloud before disappearing altogether. Her sides heaved, her breath came in pants and a pain pounded behind her eyes with the newness of it, for even though she'd once been a master she was master no more, and the aura magic was as new to her as if she'd never had it at all. It would take practice, and precision. But more than anything, she felt more herself than she had since her mightiest defeat all those months ago.

Her eyes shift to @Juryoku then, brow furrowed in her triumph with a wicked gleam across her lips. "Welcome to Ourania."

Power Name: Wraith
Slot: Primary
Description: Harnessing the power of illusion, Blodreina's body can become smoke as she teleports from one point to another. It is short-wave and she must see where her destination is; while in transition, her body becomes smoke the hue of her fur and she moves, wraith-like, from point to point. It is used primarily for quick bursts of speed or to remove oneself from a tricky situation. While in transition, her heart stops, so the power cannot be used frequently or across long distances.

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Magic Accepted!

@Blodreina — your magic application for 'Aura Reading' has been approved! You may now select an icon from the

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Laughter rings clear, leaping passed her chalky lips, rustling the stillness of the frozen sands with her joy- it is so very Reckitt of her. There was a trueness there, each chuckle genuine, unforced. Even completely disappearing could not phase her, though in truth, she hadn’t realized what had happened at all. It was simply a game of chase to the pale wolf, leaps and bounds to tag her target. ‘You’re it’, but she herself had become ‘it’ without even knowing.

Rolling to her side, resting against her ribs, she enjoys the spark of something, a gentle buzz that filled her. It was like the sun on her face, a weeping willow brushing her length, a warm summer day she had almost forgotten. A thing she attributed to the chase, blood pumping, she was much less cold, her stomach not so noticeably hollow for the time being.

“I guess I got it”, she proclaims, fading back into the visible spectrum, looking headlong at the others, the gleaming orb rolling away to wander.

“That’s an odd name, Magic, what’s it for?” Sniffing into the air, as if it would hold some noticeable smell. It had one, to be sure, though there was no name for it, not in her vocabulary.

Slowly she rises, rolling back to her feet, making her way back to her two newest companions, a limp in her gait. The rush of adrenaline was fading, that numbing pain in her joint returning, a discomfort she had learned to live with- it made it no less uncomfortable, manageable.

“You don’t play?” she asked Juryoku, blinking her bright eyes at him in inquiry. Before she could pester him more, Reina was approaching the instigator of games, a small cry emitting from her as they connected. It made Kitt start, “Are you-”, but the question was halted. Watching as the dark female turned into mist and shadow, teleporting from one spot to the next.

Welcome to Ourania...

Reckitt herself was, for once, at a complete loss for words.
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Staring at the beast with teeth blood red.

It seems he would be the only dog left without a bone as he noticed Blodreina has gotten a dose of magic as well. The male wouldn't hide his envy, but he wouldn't seethe at his own soul for refusing what the orb offered. There was a reason—he knew there had to be one. With being stripped of what he once had after entering this land, the last thing his core wanted now was the very thing it let go of. It wanted to breathe; he needed to breathe.

A slight frown tugged at his lips when Reckitt asked why he didn't play. He would hate to disappoint the pale dame, however, there wasn't much there to excite the pup deep within him. While the dark canine messed around with her new found magic, he turned away and returned to where his bone pile rested. Juryoku figured he'd leave the magical canines to speak about their magic—seeing as the smaller woman questioned the use of this sorcery. Before he grabbed a few bones to haul to where the water kissed this territory, a snort escaped him in hearing the words to come from the quilled wolf.

"A little late for such a proper, grander welcome, isn't it?" he said with an impish grin. Where was that energy when she greeted them prior to all this? The whiskered fellow shook his head and took three bones into his maw. "You take care, sweetheart," he said to Reckitt. He'd begin to trot off after giving Blodreina a simple bow of his head. Now that he knew where he walked and the land he was now a part of, the male needed to start drawing up a plan. Perhaps he'll start by mapping out the region and pinpointing where certain materials lie. It would be a start, a way to occupy his mind and bury away these regrets that hold tight. Hopefully, he could make the most of himself—become better than the disgrace he was to his grandfather.


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She revels, she marvels... it was as if some grand plan had come full circle that before, she had only fought against. Visions of being expelled from the Rift and being torn of everything -- magic, power, hearth and home -- flood her in the moments after she comes in contact with the orb, and a series of emotions become her. It feels otherworldly and more than anything she feels her pain and fears justified in the wake of the re-arrival of the aura magic that now swells within her veins, anchoring itself to every part of her. Eager to begin her training and eager to rise herself to the stature she once was, Blodreina looks to her two company with a wickedly pleased look on her otherwise dark and crimson face.

For her part, @Reckitt seemed equally enthused. "Invisibility," she commented, a single brow arching as she remained standing where she was, collecting herself after the magic exertion. "That will come in handy." @Juryoku on the other hand continued with his standoffish self, declining both to play with their more exuberant counterpart as well as to seek any of the magic for himself. As Reina's breath begins to calm into normalcy she continues looking upon him with a curious look in her cerulean eyes; granted, she'd given no reason for him to trust her and he'd be a fool to do so, but at the same time she finds him puzzling regardless.

She offers him no verbal farewell but for a returned nod, watching him leave with a scant tilt of her head. The feathers and quills upon her back settle themselves as the adrenaline leaves her, coming to rest once more upon her spine and as their male company fades away from them, the magic orb follows suit. It dissolves and disappears entirely, leaving itself behind only within the auras of the two women standing there.

Reina looks to Reckitt, plans turning in her head like the cogs of a wheel. More than ever she is energized and ready to begin again, to take charge of her future and regain control of not only herself, but also her empire. "Will you follow him?" A genuine question, but also a test of sorts; she wants to know the girl's ambitions, to see what will drive her now that she's entered Ourania and tasted of its spoils. "It's a marvelous feeling, isn't it." Not a question, but an observation. Her own eyes close but briefly as she feels the magic coursing in her veins. She's missed it, every bit of it.

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It’s like a devils fork has been made for her, one she wishes no part in, the horned beast himself, she would cow beneath- it would be unwise to say differently. There was no mistaking it, a crossroads building, a reluctance to choose would follow. Would she be able to make a choice? Reckitt was too loving to take sides, if she knew more of this world, she might find her inner monologues and world views to be a problem. There would those that would tell her there was only one side, while others would preach equality, she would stand between them- doe eyed and stretched thin from both ends.

Jury frowned when she asked him to play, it was then that she felt a stone sink in her belly, it was in that moment she felt like the child that she was, in this world.

Reina drew her attention away without trying to, fading the way she did, soaking in the Aura Magic as though it was made for her. (It was, wasn’t it? They were merely victims of place and time, she and the other) It was written in the curves of her jaw, the light that sprung to her lapis eyes, Reina was hungry for the power that crept within their bones. Electrifying their skeletons, perhaps in the same way the ocean had been.

Part of her wished to call out, to ask him to stay with them, they could make their own pack in this new world. The other half holds her back, the little wasp of anxiety that keeps her mouth from forming syllables and speaking up. She watched him walk away, an air of dampness hanging over her head, pressing it down and folding her ears to the side where they hung. “We’ll see him again,” she said to Reina, but is that because she believed they would, or just simply hoped for it?

For herself, she took up a single forgotten bone, a meager rib of an animal that stood no chance. With a small whimper she turned, pacing in her awkward way, back to feathered female. Head bent, shoulders hunched, she bore her mantle, stopping at the feet of the Alpha and licking beneath her chin a single time.

“I’m not sure,” she whispers, but inside she did not feel so marvelous.
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Blodreina finds herself suspended in a weightlessness of the mind, high on the euphoria of having regained the most coveted of her magical powers. While heavily weakened -- as if she'd never had it, really -- it's there, inciting in her such a rush of happiness that it was any wonder she didn't grin like a youthful pup at play. She toys with the presence of the power, feeling it tingle in all her edges as she rolls the ability about in her mind, almost as if she caresses it like something physical to be coveted. Only @Reckitt's voice interrupts her reverie.

'I'm not sure,' says the timid female, and the very sound of it reminds Reina that she has a subservient in her midst. Would she, could she manipulate the young girl to be her ward, her counterpart? What uses could she serve? The crimson queen found herself missing the countenance of her trusted Sabazius, so powerful but fearful of her all the same, but always knowing what to say to appease her more deadly interests. Reckitt certainly could be no Sabazius; but perhaps, with time...

"With the aura magic returning, this must mean the whole of Ourania is healing from the horror of the Rift," she says, her voice dark and determined. She sets her cerulean gaze upon the southern lay of the land, lifting her muzzle so that her nostrils might catch any inkling of life, beast or otherwise. It filled only with the long-dead stench of the bones now littered around them. "It's time to reclaim what once was mine. But first," and she swings her visage to the girl, her gaze wondering, "I'd like to see for myself what sort of healing has occurred. Do you want to join me?"