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Character's First Name: Erodios
Species: Equine
Origin: Immigrant/new arrival
Grindhold: Euthalia
Vulnerability: His health is spiritually bound to the health of inland, freshwater bodies (rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes); as he serves as their keeper and custodian in Mykonos (homeland). This connection extends to the waterways of any place to which he stays for an extended period (he does not know this, yet). He almost always, as it were, lives near waterways – he is drawn to them, due to his responsibility to them. Rivers, lakes, and sizable wetlands have the strongest effect on him with the strongest symptoms, as they are the largest ecosystems. The precise effects depend on the way which the water itself is effected. 

If waterways suffer from drought or the levels of water fall below the usual fluctuations - it is as if his lungs shrink and his breathing will get progressively worse. If the waterways are over-hunted or suffer from drastic population decreases in fish, algae and or water birds- he will feel a profound hunger that cannot be satiated until populations stabilize. 

Should the waterways become polluted in any way, he will feel an illness of his own with severity depending on the severity of the pollution. Should a carcass of a horse find its way into the  water, he will be stricken as if he insides suffered from rot. Vomiting is common at this time. The cure to such a situation is to give his brethren's body a proper burial in soil or through funeral pyre on the surface of the water. The same effects exist for wolves, but less so. He feels stomach-pains for their sake.

 Finally, the strangest consequence of his connection is this: he feels, to some extent, what happens in the waters that he is physically close to. He feels the water like a heartbeat or as the oxygen in his very lungs. When things are ordinary, it is like a pulse that his mind more or less ignores. But when an intelligence like himself – horse or wolf-  enters the water, he feels with some limitation what they feel, i.e. their mood, physical-state, ect. But particularly, he is vulnerable to if that creature is in pain or otherwise wounded, (the feeling is doubled if blood seeps into the water) – their pain is shared with him.  If they are mortally wounded, he will feel everything they feel up to death. If it is a creature he already has a connection to, the effect may be enough to kill him. 

Overall; should anything tragic enough happen to his waterways - he will doubtless suffer up to and including his own demise, as well. 
Passive Enchantment: His tie to the water means that if the ecosystems are thriving, then he is as well. He is healthy, in great spirits and able to fight off infections or illness at a greater rate than otherwise.

Played by: Rabs