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Can my character have magic right now?
As the site lore goes, after the War was interrupted by the opening of the Rift, all Aura Magic essentially disappeared. Characters who possessed magic prior to the war suddenly found themselves magicless. As of the site opening, the Aura Magic will begin to reappear in pieces: your character stands a random chance of encountering it on the in-character forms. Only after they've discovered an Aura Orb can they then have magic aside from their Passive Enchantment.

What counts as a Passive Enchantment?
Passive Enchantments are the magical portion of your character's appearance that can be used offensively or defensively. These would include features like flaming manes, poisonous quills, natural body armor (scales, etc) and the like. If it can be used to their advantage, it will count towards your character's 1 allotted Passive Enchantment. Otherwise, if it just looks cool but has no other use, it just falls under our open creative character appearance.

Are Vulnerabilities physical only, or can they be emotional/metaphysical?
For now, a character's chosen Vulnerability should be one that presents a physical challenge to them when they encounter it. If your character has a phobia or otherwise emotional-only vulnerability, they may do so only if encountering that phobia creates a physical reaction or discomfort. For example, if they have a fear of an element -- let's say water -- and they encounter water, it shouldn't just be simple fear alone but actual pain or similar debilitation. Vulnerabilities are supposed to counteract our otherwise Immortal characters.

Can my character have history in Ourania?
Absolutely! We encourage all members to pour through the Lore in the Compendium and find ways to tie their characters into it. You can even go so far as to include bits of history that aren't written, but are special to your character. Over time it's very possible your written history could become canon site lore!

Do Staff post the Orb Drops?
No, they don't! Ourania's Orb Drop system is a special script that randomly posts the drops on active threads all across the site (with the exception of OOC forums). Standard Orbs (Elemental, Enchantment, Spirit, Illusion, Dark Arts) will occur more often, while the fabled Divine orbs will be extremely rare given their strength and magic.