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Ciaran Zhaoiani
daughter of nylah zhaoianas and willow
To go from one world to another was a strange transition, but to go from being on four legs and tall, walking on hoof and looking down to the way she was now, made her feel deeply strange. It was a transition she was not prepared for, it had happened when she had touched a part of the earth that had looked hewn and broken, strange to her eyes. And now she walked on four legs still, but she felt the ground beneath her. Her limbs had changed, her coat had grown but still retained a soft, shimmering appearance. She kept her cyan and golden look, the golden striping of the fur that now lined her even more brilliant in the light. She kept the feathering up her face and down her back and neck, her tail remained the same, and she’d still felt her antlers atop her head.

But for everything else, she was changed.

Teeth were different, sharper and stronger. Her jaw felt strange, bigger and capable of more pressure than before. She could feel the earth under thick skin of the pads of her paws, and she could see the claws on the end of each digit.

She was standing upon the precipice of the cold, frozen ice, peering down at her reflection. She was mesmerised by it, unable to draw her gaze and marvelling. Her grandsire would be horrified, her sire would be worried but Ciaran was not.

Instead, she sat back and looked around at her new surroundings, pointing her nose into the breeze and inhaling. There was so much more to read here, the scents were so much stronger and so much more than they had been before.

Ciaran remained there, amid ice and snow – a cyan and gold figure, glittering in the sunlight.

A new world awaited.

She wondered what it would bring.

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Frozen wonder surrounded her, a beauty not lost on even this callous and cantankerous creature: Blodreina. She traipses Fortuna with a knowing air about her, finding familiarity in the ice-cold wasteland that stretched - for now - as far as her eyes might see, with paws finding purchase with careful precision beneath her. Her pace is slow and methodical as she moves so that she might not slip, though even so she finds herself sliding an inch or two every now and again as the prickled frost and snow gives way to the solid icepack beneath. Knowing well its dangers she avoids the edge of the ice at all costs, not wanting to risk an unsanctioned swim into the waiting jaws of the black and white predators that patrolled the sea looking for such unscrupulous victims. She, however, would never be one of those.

Hot, clouded breath twisted upwards from her nostrils as she rounded a glacier's point, finding herself in the not-so-immediate company of another who stood at a distance that - should she remain still - might not notice her immediately. Reina's body hugged the glacier's side, ears pitched forward as she ground to a smooth halt so that she might survey this creature with her cerulean gaze: at such a distance, and with her body still wrought with frozen travel, the red-crowned woman couldn't glean much beyond gender and the tell-tale flavor of newness.

Many came from the north, descending into Ourania via the frozen icepack upon which they both now stood. Perhaps, if musings perceive, this stranger did the same.

Reina moved, her steps sure and slow as they carried her across the ice. Why? Even she isn't sure, but her months alone in the exile of Beastwreck and the northeastern Outer Rim territories stirred in her chaotic evil heart a need for conversation. In the wake of the failure of the War, it was all she had.

"Are you Outcast, or Newcomer?" A simple question spoken in a hushed tone, though it isn't altogether unfriendly. She halts some distance away, the quills and feathers at her back resting comfortably along her spine, tail held level with the line of her hips.


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An Illusion Orb has been discovered!

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Ciaran Zhaoiani
daughter of nylah zhaoianas and willow
Being alone was not something she was aware she’d be left as for long. It was with a sudden shift in the energy around her, as the now canine turned her head as the sound of another reached her ears. Her hearing was better than before, but her nostrils had twitched as the smell had found her long before that of the sound. Ciaran felt overwhelmed by it, and wished for a moment she had Kalina here to help her – her father’s companion, the white wolf.

Ciaran was no reader of canine body language – it was all entirely new to her. Her eyes had shifted to watch the stranger though, noting the strong way in which she held herself. The cyan and golden woman tilted her head to the side, her eyes soft.

“A newcomer, I guess,” she says to her, her own voice calm and level despite the acceleration of her heart rate. She isn’t sure what to make of this moment, so the young lass instead moved quietly across the earth, closing the gap between them but keeping the space around her clear.

“Where am I?” She inquires, wondering and somehow knowing that this stranger would know. She looked well worn, strong and capable – Ciaran knew just by this to do her best not to antagonise her.

Especially while she had no idea what she was doing. Even as she did ask this though, something appeared nearby. Her eyes shifted to it, as an orb appeared nearby them, seeming to wink into existence from thin air. Ciaran watched it for a moment, looking to the stranger before picking up one of them – and feeling something magic from inside it.

@Blodreina <33

Power Name: Reality Warping
Slot: Tertiary
Description: Ciaran can create and shape realities by thinking about it. As this is a tertiary magic, she is only able to do this with minor objects and smaller pieces, and she cannot touch wraping physics or anything tangible. However, as a low level user, she can do this and run on surfaces of an extreme angle and can bend the path of other objects to redirect or simply avoid them. She cannot fool anyone who can percieve reality, and she is vulnerale to illusion manipulation in that if someone presents a reality to her, she can hurt herself trying to use it. It is also extremely hard to control.

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Magic Accepted!

@Ciaran, your magic application for 'Reality Warping' has been approved! You may now select an icon from the Icon Selection (more icons are being added shortly!) and add it to your character profile. Please also make sure your new magic description is listed under the 'Aura Magic' section of the profiles.

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If only Reina had any inkling that what stood before her was the spiritual embodiment of an equus: a grazer, prey-creature... everything she could not stand about the race of equines but captured in the body of a canine, all fur and sharp teeth and predator. If only she knew, and yet she didn't, leaving her to greet this stranger as she might any other of her own race: with cautionary strength and an evident lack of true trust. With her reddened crown held high and aloft she watches the woman with great care, studying each motion and movement so as to glean what information she could from such sundries.

Ah -- a newcomer, as suspected. Her own expression does little to soften at this, for she considered Ourania to be beneath her dark protection from any who might enter it. "Take care," she cautions with a dark tone, "for the land has suffered great loss. You'd do well to travel cautiously." While her interlude with Reckitt and Juryoku had been brief, it had certainly given her reason to think that the land had begun to heal from the cataclysm of the War and the Rift. While it had largely been her War, she could never have anticipated such happenings or loss of life. The Auras, once trusted, had essentially turned on them in the absence of the Gods. To Reina, it was just another reason to curse Their names and covet the fact she had contributed to their demise.

When the orb appeared, she was less surprised than she had been during the first reveal at Beastwreck. Nevertheless, her eyes crinkled appreciatively and the edges of her lips lifted in mild smile of approval. This was further proof that Ourania was healing itself, returning to its prior greatness and she felt an inexorable need to assist it in that measure. This one, though, was of no interest to her. So new was her Wraith power that she didn't want to weaken herself with yet another introduction and so instead she offered it to the newcomer as a means of welcome. "We've magic here. Take it, use it, if you so dare to wield it."


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We have a chance to make a difference til our dying day.
Feeling everything was vastly different. She knew she still looked the same, in colour and her eyes were the same, but she no longer saw out to the side, she no longer had the same wide vision that had come with being of equine, but she had the forward facing eyes of a predator. It gave her clear perception of the world around her, finding it brilliant and startling all at once – but the sense of smell was the most startling.

She was catching all different manner of scents on the wind here, turning her head into each one slowly, and almost missed what her companion was saying. Her eyes watched her though, turning back to her as she spoke. Ciaran had never witnessed war, she’d never seen anything so terrible, though she knew of violence and had seen enough to know that there was much worse waiting out there.

She could feel the dark of the woman’s voice as she spoke though, and she felt unsure of how to continue. So Ciaran merely cocked her head a little, looking over her.

“Caution is always taken in a new world,” she says, “It would be foolish to charge in rashly. Especially with that strange… smell, on the wind,” she says, and she refers to the Rift. It was there, lingering in the air, the smell of smoke and death, ash and waste, of magic and terrible things. Ciaran didn’t know what to make of it.

She shook her head. And then, popped a tooth filled smile to the stranger. “I have wielded magic before. Is there a chance for me to regain what I lost coming here? I miss it,” she asks, as she feels this new magic inside her – it was different, allowing her something new, but it wasn’t what her heart’s desire was.

And she then decides, with a little bowing of her head in respect, “You never did tell me, what the name of this world was – I haven’t been fortunate enough to hear it yet. My name is Ciaran Zhaoiani,” she says, making herself known – better that than being given another name.

Not that she could stop that from happening, either.

@Blodreina <3
And life was like a comet falling from the sky.