NOVUS - 2nd anniversary!
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You enter a small clearing in the middle of a forest, ringed by large oak trees whose bark is gnarled as though they’ve been standing there for thousands of years. The strands of grass beneath your hooves are kept meticulously trimmed, most likely by the Dawn Court citizen lying beneath the canopy of a drooping oak. His sunken eyes follow you, his expressionless face revealing nothing as you approach. This meeting has been expected for a long time, but you have only just finished your journey to the lands of Novus. You came to start a new life, and you thought understanding the lands would be a great place to begin. Stopping a respectable distance away, you get straight to the point and ask the elderly stallion how Novus came to be.

Closing his eyes, the scholar chuckles and admits that not even he can tell you about how the luscious lands were created. He can, however, tell you all about the history of Novus’ realms and citizens. Upon your nod of consent, the sage man begins to weave a tale that you will reflect on throughout your life in Novus…