Update - January 10, 2019
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Site Update - 1/10/19

Hi everyone! We are roughly a week into our Beta Test phase and already a lot of activity is happening both in-character and out. Thanks to our wonderful membership we are identifying and tackling some bugs as well as stretching our in-character wings by posting with our creatures. I want to personally thank each and every one of you for partaking in this test and just for showing your interest; you're what makes Ourania what it is, and I can't wait to see the site grow with your help!

A few things to make everyone aware of:

1. Magic has officially returned to Ourania! Your character now has a 10% chance to encounter a random magic on any of the in-character boards. Orbs can pop up anytime, and as a reminder that once an orb has appeared, any character currently in that thread can then claim it for their own. It's not limited to one character. 

2. As bugs get resolved, we are slowly starting to advertise and affiliate with other RPG's in order to heighten Ourania's visibility. Keep your eyes peeled for an incoming Advertising contest which will include some great OOC and IC prizes!

3. Magic Icons are now available! If your character has discovered an Orb and had their magic approved, they can now choose an icon from the "Aura Magic" compendium to add to their profiles. Click Here!

A big thank you again to everyone currently participating in the site. We are slowly but surely gathering bits and pieces of stories and happenings to showcase in our first edition of the Quarterly which will be released once we have transitioned from Beta to Alpha and time is officially 'un-frozen'. Be well, Ouranians!