Accepted!  Azar
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Character's First Name: Azar
Species: Equine
Origin: Immigrant
Grindhold: Udane
Vulnerability: When in contact with water, Azar is weakened. The extent of this is determined by the size of the body of water. A small cup of water or puddle might make her skin tingle while an ocean would leave her near incapacitated with a feeling of extreme tiredness and/or dizziness. This rule only applies to water that is in contact with itself. Rain will not really effect Azar much unless she has become considerably wet due to the raindrops soaking into her coat to the point where they can touch.
Passive Enchantment: ----
Extra: ----

Played by: Neptune

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Character Accepted!

Hey @Neptune! I'm accepting you with the understanding that Azar doesn't currently have her armor, as its man-made and must be purchased c: Thanks so much for joining, and welcome!

Your account will be activated momentarily and then you are free to post across the forums. Welcome to Ourania!