Accepted!  Theresa
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Character's First Name: Theresa
Species: Equine
Origin: Immigrant
Grindhold: Udane
Vulnerability: Blindness - Theresa has no eyes, as they were gouged out from her skull many years ago. This has left her blind with no chance to ever recover her vision.
Passive Enchantment: Theresa has a subtle golden aura that glows around her, though she is unaware of it given her blindness. Once she has her magic back, this golden aura will grow brighter with magic use and cause her eye sockets to glow.
Extra: nope!

Played by: Mallory

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Character Accepted!

All looks great, just a reminder that the bandages across her eyes will need to be fashioned from natural materials like fresh cotton with willow bark or something similar! Your account will be activated momentarily and then you are free to post across the forums. Welcome to Ourania!