bones become dust - gold turns to rust.
mid udane, aeon one. The air is full of healing signs and whispers: flora blooms again, and the scent of purified rain hangs from the sky. What once was a violent roar beneath the earth has dulled to a soft and wakeful sigh. The Rift is nearly healed, and with that healing it is now safe for the denizens of Ourania to return once more - both canine and equine alike. It’s been a year since the cataclysm, and the war has been left Unfinished; what lines were drawn between the species are now a blur. Will you forge a path of War, or give yourself over to Peace?
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2/5 The Travelers have arrived at Anemone! Ailill and Ainila, once-natives of Ourania, have returned with a cart full of foreign wares and imports for the local citizens to purchase. Go visit with them and peruse their offerings!
2/4 Mid-Udane is upon us! The season has progressively grown warmer, though for the most part - save for certain dryer regions - weather is temperate. With mid-summer comes the return of a famed couple known throughout Ourania as "the bringers of salt and explorers of sea". Keep your eyes peeled to the horizon... you don't want to miss their arrival!
1/29 The Final Chapter of our Mending the Rift site event has been posted! All may post but prizes for participation have already been distributed to those who partook in the other chapter threads. With that, Kingdom Creation is officially open! The first Kingdom to be created will have a choice before them. Which will they choose?
1/27 The Chapters are flowing, and the Site Event is beginning to near its conclusion. Participants begin to find themselves gifted special items while others must still make their choices to continue. In other news, we have a new Lore Submission forum. If your character has history steeped in Ouranian lore and you want to make it canon, submit your lore there for review!
01/20 Time is unpaused, the Map has been released, and Ourania is officially open! With that, our first Site Event has begun. Chapter One: Mending the Rift, has been posted at three locations along the Rift: Cataclysma, Varga and Vulcanis. Members have 48 hours to respond before the chapter continues, and you may post with as many characters as you please so long as you do not post them at more than one location. Happy Writing!
01/10 Come and read the newest Site Update to see what's going on! We've got an upcoming contest as well as some Magic updates for you. Keep on keeping on, Ouranians!
01/06 Aura Magic Discovery is enabled, and now your characters stand a chance to encounter it in the in-character forums! To read more about discovering magic and what to do if you happen upon an Orb, read here. Be aware this is in a heavy testing stage, so please report bugs as you find them.
01/04 Regarding vulnerabilities: a vulnerability should be something that creates in your character a physical weakness. For example, if they are afraid of an element (water/fire/etc), that element should physically harm them in some way. Vulnerabilities are a means to making our Immortal characters a little less OP. Thanks!
01/03 Ourania is officially open for Beta Testing to all discord users and followers! Time is currently paused as we all get our bearings and test things out. You are encouraged to pour over content, post in-character, check for bugs, and report anything you find to the Bug Reports forum located in the Community area. The following pages are known to be unfinished: Achievements, Donate, Flora & Fauna, Battling, Aura Magic icons and the Quarterly.
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