Private  Flight and Fancy [Corrdelia + Reckitt]
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Syrinx woke up under a small overhang of rock, just before sunrise. She could tell due to the dim light and the soft sounds of night insects that were finishing their songs. With a muffled groan she rolled onto her sternum from her side, her large butterfly wings splayed out over her back so that they lightly touched the ground. Shaking her head, she forced herself to more wakefulness and stood up slowly, yawning largely as she did so. In all honesty, she had been used to sleeping in a tree so it wasn't as if this was very strange sleeping out in the sort of open like this. It was just weird sleeping on the ground, but there were no trees around large enough to hold her at her current size. Disappointing.

“I think I rather quite liked it when I was smaller than everything around. I mean much smaller, of course. The still small, but not nearly as tiny as she had been, wolf spoke to herself as she padded out towards the small, shallow stream that trickled nearby. Hesitantly, she lapped up some of the life-giving substance, still recalling the events of the last time she'd gotten any more than simply her tongue into the cool liquid. Let's not try that again right now, shall we? At least not until she figured out what that had been all about. Maybe Corrdelia would have some ideas that she would bring back with her after her travels. 

So, while she waited, she did the one thing that she could still do even though she had no magic: flying. She was still a fairly small, petite wolf, and her butterfly wings were still rather large in comparison. Padding up to the top of the overhang, she grinned at the sky and then leapt into it, her wings moving quite rapidly to pull herself into the air. A gleeful expression was on her muzzle as she felt the wind rush past her silken fur as she ascended higher and higher over the land. Looking around in the now brightened sky as she attained a proper altitude, she barked her own elation at being airborne. "Wheeee! It's so shiny up here!"

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Sunshine on damp grass, the simplicity of a Summer morning, when the first trills of birds clear the silence in the air left by the chitter of night bugs. Reckitt is awake early this day, blinking drowsily into the first rays of light, the amber glow that peaks up over the edge of the world and paints faded shadows against the emerald fields. A yawn that ends in a high pitch leaves the confines of her ashen mouth, then she finds her feet to begin a morning stretch. It was one of many nights she spent out in the open, with only the cover of a tree or bramble to blanket her, there was no den for her to curl in- not yet anyways.

All the same, it had become very usual so there is not much more thought given to it, save that a few stray leaves had snagged themselves in her otherwise white coat. She doesn’t bother to remove them, not overly fussed by appearances these days, there was too much to be done to waste on frivolity.

Soon, she would need to touch base with Verona, they had chose to separate for a time, cover more ground to suit their cause. As of yet, it was working rather well, there was no lack of support, there was yet hope left for so many. Enough to make her smile, even now in the silence of her own company, as sleep cleared from the ducts of her eyes and she shook off the last remnants of night stiffness in her joints. Her own silence, until it was not so silent anymore, the excited chirping of something that was not quite a bird finding her pale ears. Not quite a bird, no, not a bird at all.

The next rise brought her into a better vantage point, one to see just what was so surprisingly happy this day. What met her eyes, was something quite out of the ordinary, the bluest, NOT bluebird, she had ever seen.

More of an oversized butterfly, yes, exactly that. This canine was adorned with the delicate painting wings of a butterfly, with hues of blue much deeper than the sky, and striking white markings. Whoever they were, they were happy, and that, that was enough to make Reckitt herself feel happy as well.

“Good morning!” she yipped, bouncing a bit as she spoke, her front legs leaving the ground, as if it would help throw her voice.
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"Death must beget life, for otherwise, it is… in vain-"

The ominous voice of Nexus rung in her ears as she was suddenly jerked awake. It had been another mostly restless night as images from the Rift swam in her head. Corr could still see all the bones and even smell the stench of death. It had been the war all over again- a day she wanted to stop reliving.

But then, they were shown what could be: a world reborn and all the pain finally dissipating. She had felt the magic return to the land and hope had returned. Finally, everything was properly balanced again and it was like a huge weight had been lifted.

Back in reality, they were still far from this day, but it was good to know that not all hope was lost. It would take a good number of supporters, but Corrdelia was confident that Ourania could at last be restored. A group had gathered by the Rift after the vision was over and it seemed others had been visited by a similar force. She didn’t stay too long to hear, but she caught snippets. At the least, it seemed there were many on their side.

This was good news for Corr as her new friend Syrinx was interested in something like this as well. When they first met, that had been one of their main pieces of conversation. The girl had been sad she lost her magic traveling here, but she was excited to help. Now, Corr felt a new sense of purpose and couldn’t wait to tell Syrinx all about her experience. She knew her friend would be just as eager to get started.

It had been several days since she had left her friend by the stream; hopefully Syrinx wasn’t too worried. She didn’t mean to be away for so long, but she had to take some extra time to think before returning. The events at the Rift were so life-changing, she didn’t know where to start. The whole reason she had gone down there was based on a gut feeling, but now it didn’t seem to be helping her go into the next direction. Maybe some meditation was needed to clear her chakras.

At last, the bordering forest of Varga was coming into view. The trees were so beautifully lit by the coming sunrise that it reminded her of fire. As much as the actual element made her nervous, she had to appreciate the colors. In truth, this area was beginning to feel like home and that was something she hadn’t felt in a long time.

Her ears perked at the sound of a voice ahead. She could see the butterfly-like wolf zooming around excitedly and it put a smile on Corr’s face. She almost called out to her, wanting to spill everything that happened, when she realized that another canine was present. This one looked familiar… yes, they were at the gathering by the Rift.

"Hey, I know you! You were at the Rift not too long ago. I… don’t think I actually caught your name, I apologize! I’m Corrdelia."

She turned to Syrinx, practically grinning from ear to ear. "You’ll never believe what I’ve seen! Or I suppose, what we have seen?" Corr stopped, looking at the stranger wolf. It didn’t occur to her that this individual had a slightly different experience at the Rift. She assumed it was all along the same lines of restoring Ourania, but she supposed she’d find out soon enough.

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The wonders of flight were truly astonishing to the small wolf. Even while she had been able to attain these heights since birth, it was still each and every time, a marvelous experience and one she really wished she could share with others. Perhaps not that others might like it, she honestly didn't know if other wolves even enjoyed heights like she did. As well, it wasn't as if she had any magic any longer that would allow for that, and she wished yet again that she had access to her former powers of the air. Well, perhaps some day they would return to her, and all she could do until then was just stay the course here in these lands. There most certainly had to be more to life here than she had witnessed so far!

Her cavorting and fluttering was interrupted rather pleasantly by a chipper bark from the ground. Looking in that direction she saw a light-colored blob moving about, seeming to hop up to get her attention. With a grin, she called back, flying closer so that she would be more easily heard. “It is a good morning! Hey there! I'm Syrinx, and it's really nice to meet you! You must be a traveler through these parts as well? Have you lived here all your life? I'm still pretty new here.” The small butterfly winged wolf barked happily, in greeting as she came to a descent, her paws touching down on the ground. Even as she landed, she realized another had arrived and she beamed brightly at her friend Corrdelia, who had returned. Well, this was a quite happy occurrence then, a hopeful new friend and the return of another!

"Oh hey there! Yeah, you should tell me all about it, it's probably really cool! I think I recovered from that stupid thing with the water, but anyhow, that's not something I'm going to worry about now. And you saw it too? Neat!" Syrinx trilled happily, looking from familiar wolf to unfamiliar wolf, hoping that between the two of them she would find out whatever this thing was that had been seen and she'd missed out on. Her long tail twitched behind her as her ears canted slightly forwards with interest at the two of them, eyes bright with curiosity.

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Reckitt hops up, moving her weight to her back legs, springing only inches into the air. A gentle breeze coaxes her fur to sway, blowing the snowy hair to an fro, and she enjoys the gentle brushing of the air. With bright eyes, she watched as the winged wolf fluttered carelessly about the breeze, elated with the practice and joyful in her aerial movement. There was nothing to stop her as she went, save for a fluff of cloud or a bird bent on its own path to find a perch in the nearby tree cover. If Kitt could fly, she wondered if it would make her that happy as well, but it was enough to warm her heart just watching, carefully tracing each flick of blue wing.

“Hello!” she calls again, shouting to be heard, but it is then that the other lowers altitude and sings warmly in return. It would seem they both were chipper this day, praising the Sun and the calm that took the the valley of Varga, so much so that she isn’t sure who exactly is in the better mood. This, this was her kind of wolf.

Many words greet her silver ears, the two that stand proud and alert on top of her pale head. Lived here all her life? Certainly not, she was still a pup in the ways of this unusual and Magical realm. Ourania, with it’s strange Magic and curious creatures, where she learned shortly that the wolves and the horses did not always see eye to eye. In fact, the quarrelled so much that there had been bloodshed over the fact, that, that had to change.

“I’m new as well, mostly new, been here for a turn but I wasn’t born in this world.” In this world, because with certainty, this was not the only one to live in- that much was sure.

With a grace unknown to the Druid, the butterfly lands, touching the earth with an ease she herself had never mastered. Then they are joined by another, a shorter, darker wolf, with feathers fanning about her neck and friendly greeting. These two knew each other, the new arrival perhaps knowing her as well, and that set Reckitt at ease. The Rift, yes, she had been at the scar of the earth, the great wound that spanned for miles and had been covered in vine and bloom last she saw it.

“That I was,” she nodded, thought the nod is solemn and quiet, as it should be for such a topic. “My name is Reckitt, it’s nice to meet you. To meet both of you actually,” she said brightly, turning her head between the two, paying them both close mind. Share their experiences of days past, she nodded, the tale was not a happy one, but perhaps necessary nonetheless.

“Funny you should speak of the Rift, some have a mind to make change in regards to it. Wolf and Equine alike.” A seat is taken, finding rest on her back legs, the vivid light of her eyes patiently waiting for the story to unfold.
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