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Dawn was breaking on the third day since Taggard had accepted Wallace’s offer to join them on their journey south. Light outlined the forest to the west, and a wave of blues and pinks washed slowly across the sky above. A thin veil of fog hovered above the earth, so think that it presently only obscured the white wolf below the elbows. The world was loud and chattering, as it often were, and the constant hum of bugs and early morning song of birds chimed in it’s tune. Taggard was alone, again, and had left Wallace to his own devices for the day. It was not that she disliked his company, but the horned wolf also felt the strong urge to be alone and by themselves.

Plus, without being distracted by the boy’s constant babbling, Taggard could cover more ground and, hopefully on this day, find a new face. There was so much to learn about this place, and something felt distinctively… off. It wasn’t a bad feeling, but there were more and more questions buzzing in the wolf’s mind that their company could not answer. The horned wolf had compiled a list of questions that they would ask the first wolf that looked to know anything about Ourania, which was:

  1. What was that smell? There was a familiar, but also entirely unfamiliar scent that reminded her of prey, but it was everywhere and it made Tagg uneasy.
  2. Why did she feel… good?
The second question was more pressing than the first, but Tagg could not ignore the sudden burst of energy that they’d had. Tagg had originally tried to tell themselves that it was simply their company, but the feeling had been present before then. After entering the icy Beastwreck, but not before. It felt unnatural, and strange, but… Taggard could not deny that it had been quite some time since they’d felt so well.

A soft, defeated sigh escaped her lips as she continued east, towards the sea. Frustration built in Taggard’s stomach and upon seeing the long stretch of dark gray-blue water, the wolf started to sprint towards it. They splashed into the water, which was absolutely freezing, water spraying everywhere in the cool misty morning. Taggard pushed through the waves and swam until her feet could not touch the earth below. Gasping in a breath, she pushed her head under the water and let the freezing cold of the sea be the only thought that was in her mind.

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It’d been nearly a year since Ravka’s world had, quite literally, split itself in two. And though the young wolf had been clever enough to escape the final clashing of power that’d opened the Rift mere weeks before it happened, she’d still felt its energy spring out into the outer reaches and beyond, the flash of light seeping far into the woods and den where she had temporarily taken residence.

But much like peace, destruction had to eventually come to an end, and judging by the numerous wolves and equines she’d watched trickling back into the land Ravka found it was time to make the journey back herself. Finding that the draining feeling of mortality and painful lack of magic was starting to take a toll on the previously-immortal and aura wielding canine. Much like a fully fledged adult that’d been forced back into the body of a child, her mind was bursting at the seams, and the frustration at her weakness was festering in a thirst that could only be quenched by rediscovering some purpose in life - preferably one that would not decay along with her body in another year or so.

And so she skipped through the graveyard of Beastwreck with ease, feeling little empathy for the innocent lives lost in the blast but rather taking note of the excess of seabone should she ever need them for crafting purposes or the like. And sticking close to the coast she eventually reached the endless woods of Eden, dark paws clashing with sea as a handful of lost trees slowly formed into something more united, offering limited shade between the woods and shoreline.

Unfortunately, though, it seemed she wasn’t the only one enjoying its refreshing properties. Somewhere in the distance, she spotted a .. headless.. wolf? Squinting, the dark girl decidedly closed the distance, unwilling to stray from her path for some idiot with their head stuck underwater. She could definitely think of better ways to die than drowning oneself, and if they decided to come up anytime soon she might even be inclined to share.

Or not, and she’d just keep walking while their body drifted away with the flood. No skin off her back.


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Taggard stayed under the water for a while, concentrating on the cold in her nose and the salty sea on her tongue. Even when her lungs began to ache for air, the wolf stayed, exhaling bubbles from her jaw in an attempt to just stay under the water for a few moments longer. But Tagg was a wolf of the land, and an air-breather by nature. When her nostrils began to sting and her chest felt painfully empty, finally the horned wolf lifted her head and took in the cool air as if it had been her first breath. Her eyes stung from the salt and she breathed heavily as she stared out towards the seemingly endless water.

When her chest no longer begged her to take in quick, deep breaths, Taggard turned, then jumped at the sudden company. There was another wolf, watching them seemingly make a fool of themselves. Tagg's ears pinned against her skull in slight embarrassment, her tail offering a large wag in greeting. The salt was sticky and uncomfortable on her skin and she tried to shake it off. "Greetings!" She blinked awkwardly, trying to rid the sting in her eyes. Stopping a comfortable few feet away from the wolf, Tagg remained silent as they studied their new company.

Ravka was small. Tagg studied the way the woman's ears pointed, which was much unlike her's or Wallace's, and how the scales under her eyes glittered in the morning sun. The dark wolf's tail reminded her of long, thin grasses, should grasses be made of purples and blues than greens and browns. Decidedly, the creature before her was beautiful.

"I am Taggard Swift, and am traveling south with a..." they paused for a moment, "companion." Tagg was not certain if she and Wallace were on friend-terms just yet, and thought to ask him later. The small wolf before her did not smell of many other wolves, so Tagg could only assume that she was alone. It was rude to assume, and Taggard was not one to leave questions unanswered. "Do you find yourself in company?" Another pause, "I mean to say: are you traveling alone?"

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Unfortunate, again. Part of her had already accepted the wolf might just keep their head underwater in naivety until she passed, but the sudden pattering of water and heavy breathing pulled her back in, cyan-silvery eyes honing in on the stranger that looked decidedly more interesting with their head out and about. A singular white horn protruded from their skull, and red eyes shone with something akin to friendliness and rightful embarrassment.

Offering nothing but a slight nod in response to the greeting, Ravka quickly fell back into her usual ready-to-go stance, only to be ensnared by a barrage of words instead. Socialites. Ears pinned characteristically against her dark skull at the inquiry, letting an almost-awkward silence engulf them at its end.

“I am traveling alone, yes.” She decided after a lengthy pause, not exceptionally keen on offering a name in return unless it was brought up again. The wolf instead took her sweet time studying the stranger, more curious about their origins than anything. It’d be nice to find another native to question about the Rift, but Ravka wasn’t holding out hope given the wolf before her looked like they’d hardly just let go of their mother’s teet.


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Taggard must have gotten comfortable with Wallace's near-constant talking. It wouldn't be a lie to say that they were a little disappointed in the lack of many words, and the beautiful woman before her didn't bother to even offer a name. The pale wolf shrugged this off and, knowing it was far more rude to ask a name than it was not to give it out, decided not to push for it. Ravka offered only an answer to the only question Taggard had, which only brought on more disappointment.

"I confess, it would be only a lie to say that.... I am disappointed," Taggard remained friendly despite, and hopeful that perhaps the small, sparkling woman would be able to answer more questions. Taggard, realizing their own words, clenched their jaws, "I do not mean to say that your presence is a disappointment," the horned wolf quickly corrected. "I am disappointed in that there are no others. My companion and I, we have traveled here from far away places. In the north, we only know of the word Ourania, but not of the land, nor the wolves that make it their home.

"I have stepped onto Ourania's soil no more than a week ago, and my companion and I met a few days ago." Taggard looked at Ravka for some sort of response, but then smiled sheepishly. "I wish not to bore you with details. What I mean to ask is... this place smells odd, and the land feels barren. You are only the second wolf I have met, and to me... that is peculiar." A shiver coursed through Taggard, who felt the cold was now a disturbance more than a welcome distraction. She took a step out of the water, but stopped to see if Ravka would follow her to a hopefully warmer patch of land.

"I... had originally imagined Ourania to be a place of many packs, and many wolves. Has something happened?"

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An Enchantment Orb has been discovered!

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Not a native, then. Just a wanderer that, more likely than not, got pulled in by the sweet calling of riches and beauty beyond compare, of magic and immortality. Well, tough luck, Taggard Swift, because you’re just a couple decennia late. Ourania had steadily lost its beauty from the moment the Gods were overthrown and the idea of power became an unshakable enemy, pitting a once peaceful alliance against one another, spreading like wildfire over the land; consuming all.

Blinking dully at the string of words and wonders that came from the lightly-colored wolf’s jaws, Ravka hardly took offense to the idea of being a disappointment. It was not unusual for wolves to show it upon finding her unwillingness to engage in any form of small talk.

Still, Ravka wasn’t opposed to sharing information, for a price.

Clicking her tongue, she decided. “It's a pity. Ourania used to be so full of life.” Voice soft, there was some faux-regret at the statement as she stepped aside to offer more room for Taggard to get out of the freezing waters, ready to follow her lead back towards lusher greens. “I would love to indulge in its rich history, but my trek through Beastwreck has left me quite.. famished.” Surely they would get the hint, despite their seemingly simple interior. Fetch her something pretty and she might reciprocate.


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Ravka offered a teasing statement, one that left the pale woman hungry for more information. Taggard had expected their companion to continue to speak, but instead she only allowed them to exit the water. Regardless, she was relieved that the sun could warm her coat and, although Tagg was with company of few words, perhaps get some questions answered.

Stepping upon the shore, Tagg shook themselves off and breathed in the warm morning air. Ravka heavily hinted at gaining a meal from the information-hungry Taggard, who smiled knowingly at the words. They turned to the petite woman, "I hear your request, and will do as you ask," the horned wolf announced. Looking towards the forest, she was confident she could find something fat enough to satisfy her -- dare she say manipulative? -- company. Taggard could not fault a wolf who did few things for free, and though she was very unlike that herself, Tagg respected it. "Make yourself at home here, and I will return shortly." Hopefully with a meal that would satisfy the beautiful woman enough to satisfy Tagg's need for answers.

And should Ravka decide to wander off... well, Tagg was certain Wallace would not say no to a good meal before they continued their travels. Offering a quick nod to the woman, Taggard darted off, their sniffer fast at work to try and catch the scent of something tasty (and hopefully easy to catch).

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Ah, perfect.

Ravka had never been much of a hunter, so the prospect of a free meal – one that was still fairly earned, in her opinion – was nearly enough to tug the young woman’s lips into a smile. Nearly. Rather she simply nodded Taggard off into the woods, letting her dark paws carry her further into the soft grass and beneath the trees, overlooking the sea and all its wild glory.

The traveler hadn’t made any explicit mention of the equines, and part of her entertained the idea of not telling them. Not so much out of malice as entertainment, a giddiness clenched her chest at the idea of their little company trying to wrap their jaws around a talking horse. She supposed it would just depend on how juicy her incoming meal would be.

So dropping her body into the shade she waited, eyes momentarily falling shut, Ravka allowed herself to doze off to the sound of waves and smell of the sea, comforted distantly by the memory of home.


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It had not been an easy meal, but Taggard was determined now, more than ever, to finally get some questions answered. So when they returned, their pale coat had dried mud now stuck to it, and a few leaves had managed to tangle themselves in the woman's soft pelt. Tagg stood proudly, though, as hanging limply in their jaws was a rather fat hare.

Tagg wasn't sure if she was relieved or upset that the beautiful woman was still there, peacefully dozing in the shade. It meant one less meal for them, but also more information. Her stomach growled, and she promised herself she would eat at the next meal (admittedly, she thought Wallace had needed to eat more than she, and so chose to eat less so he could have more). For a moment, Tagg simply watched the sleeping wolf, taking note of the colors of her coat, of the sparkling in her scales. Not wanting to waste too much time, she dropped the rabbit in front of the woman, then gave her some room to eat.

Taggard's tongue swiped over their bloodied, muddied jaw before they too, sat down in the cool shade and made themselves at home in the grass. It was beautiful, but there were many places in the world that were as equally beautiful. Tagg watched the waves lap at the shore, heard the cry of gulls above. Despite not wanting to seem pushy, Taggard urged Ravka to complete their trade: "You say that Ourania used to be full of life...?"

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Though she hadn’t dozed off completely there was still a faint hint of shock that rolled through the girl’s body as the hare fell into the grass with a dull thud, its emanating warmth and luring smell tempting her silvery eyes open to take in the meal, and its very muddy captor.

There was no doubt in her mind that Taggard must’ve been hungry with all the effort, but it was hardly any concern of hers, decidedly dragging the thing closer with her paw and starting to unwrap its fur like the present it was. There were more words that fell onto the salty air as she did and Ravka’s eyes narrowed visibly for it, giving off an air of ‘wait your turn, sweet Taggard’. Prey was best when it was still warm, after all.

Tugging and pulling at the hare’s innards, the dark girl let its taste savor on her tongue, taking a good few bites – if they went without interjection from the horned wolf – to soothe her growing hunger, before finally responding in agreement. “It used to, until the Rift tore this land in two, exiling us all like the sickness we’d become.” Though she hadn’t had a chance to witness it firsthand, the spreading word of the refugees was enough to convince her, Ourania had rightfully had enough.

Pondering for a moment, the girl found herself unsure where to start. Painfully aware of the amount of information there was to bestow on an outsider, paired with her desire to see them off as soon as possible and resume her own journey inland, she would try to make it quick.

“Ourania’s magic is a powerful one. Originally bestowed upon these lands by the four Gods, we harnessed it as something we’ve come to know as our Aura – an infinite stream of magic we can mold to our own wants and needs – we were able to conjure anything from invisibility to flight, blood magic and for the most powerful, even resurrection.” Pausing for just a second her gaze turned serious, more so than usual. “But we got greedy with power, usurping our Gods and in turn fueling a war that raged for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years.” Inconvenient, to those without loyalty to either faction.

Pursing her lips, she’d await their response, curious just how the outsider would take it.


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Ravka's first words were a shock to Taggard, who clenched their jaw in anticipation for more words. But there was a pause, and blood pounded in her ears as she tried to wrap her mind around the words the beautiful woman spoke. Tagg tried to be patient this time, keeping their questions to themselves. Fear crept up in her chest. Not fear for herself, but fear for Ravka, for Wallace, for any wolf whose paws touched Ourania's soil. If there was something so powerful — a Rift, as the woman called it — it could only mean that being more powerful than mere mortals were angry.

Taggard, who had come from a land where canines and equines were of different worlds — within sight, but never speaking to each other  — could not have even attempted to fathom the idea that the war was more than just between mortals and gods.

The horned wolf looked at the ground, trying to concentrate and feel the magic within Ourania's soil. This may have explained the odd feeling that Tagg had when entering the lands. They were silent, avoiding Ravka's gaze as they pieced together this new information. They weren't sure how to take it, and although the fear within Taggard's heart was bubbling and growing, so was another feeling.

This was why Taggard was born to this life, and this is why she was sent south. Ourania's gods were angry, and Tagg was sent here to appease them.

But how?

Taggard had more questions, but she and Ravka's trade had been completed. Determination burned within the pale woman, excitement growing with every passing moment. She had to return to Wallace and immediately they needed to leave. There was no time to rest, because gods that were angry would strike swiftly and strongly.

"This... has been a good trade," Taggard finally spoke, "but I believe I need to see the gods' anger with my own eyes. Tell me, where is it that the land has been split in two?" She and Wallace would go there and begin their new task.

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There was a confusion in the wanderer’s soul that she couldn’t possibly blame them for, and her expression softened ever so slightly as they tried to make sense of the whole thing. Ravka supposed, for the empathetic and faithful at heart, it would be a hard pill to swallow that his land they traveled to was nothing but a warzone, destroyed by its own inhabitants.

And while she expected another bombardment of questions to follow, the other’s sudden desire to leave was more than welcome in its stead, even if Taggard’s head was only filled with half-truths and the idea that the Gods were still around, crashing their supposed fury down on the earth. “From what I’ve heard you will find it beyond the edges of the forest and past the river, though I cannot tell you with certainty.” Pursing her lips to look thoughtful, Ravka was more than ready to whisk the impressionable wolf away and resume her meal.


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It wasn't the best directions Taggard had ever received, but it was a direction nonetheless. "Then I will leave you to your meal-" right, still no name from the dark beauty. Tagg simply let her words fall and be swept up by the crashing of waves on the shore. The sun was high in the sky now, and she needed to find Wallace and tell him of their new truths, and push them onwards for their new quest. The horned female stood and offered a nod, "Goodbye, dark beauty, and be well on your travels," though Taggard wasn't certain what to make of the wolf, they held no ill will towards her. Ravka was not kind, but neither was she unkind, which even seemed to suit the scaled woman. Turning and disappearing into Eden, Taggard felt excitement and determination prickle at their skin. How soon would it be until Ravka's half-truths turned into whole-truths; truths that Taggard wouldn't be so ready to accept?

Time would tell, and hopefully more forthcoming wolves would be found on Taggard and Wallace's travels.

 — Exit Taggard!

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There really wasn’t any regret in Ravka’s heart for sending away the rather uninformed stranger. They were out of her fur and she got a free meal in return, it was a good trade indeed.

Albeit a little taken aback by the compliment, Ravka eventually nodded at Taggard’s farewell and resumed her chewing on the hare for a few minutes more before finally getting up, shaking off any remnants of grass and leaves that might’ve gotten tangled in her fur and retreating back to the shoreline.

Kind as they were, Ravka found that Taggard wasn’t a wolf she’d likely remember in a few moons time and the memory of them was quickly shaken as the sand trickled between her digits again.


It was as though something had shifted on the beach, feeling strange yet familiar in origin. It left her silvery eyes scanning the shoreline until they fell on a violet orb floating just a little ways into the sea, clearly disruptive in nature, the waves appeared to almost respect its energy by parting around it. It was more than enough to call the dark girl in, recognizing the orb for what it was -- a remnant of magic the earth spewed back out for her to claim. 


Marina told me OOCly that they don't want to claim any magic for Taggard just yet!

Power Name: Moodswings
Slot: Secondary magic
Description: As the name suggests, mood swings is an aura magic that can be used offensively, influencing the mood of the canine or equine it's used on to either cheer up the recipient, or soften their attack during battle by means of guilt or a sudden overwhelming sadness, etc.


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Magic Accepted!

@Ravka , your magic application for 'MOOD SWINGS' has been approved! Friendly reminder that magic's that directly affect another character other than your own must abide by all powerplaying rules and cannot be forced on them. You may now select an icon from the Icon Selection and add it to your character profile. Please also make sure your new magic description is listed under the 'Aura Magic' section of the profiles.