Helios [Character]
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Character's First Name: Helios
Species: Equine
Origin: Native
Grindhold: Udane?
Vulnerability: When Helios is chained/tie or trapped in any way- could be trapped in a locked building, trapped by fallen debris, trapped by others (ie have literally no way to get out) he becomes physically unable to do anything. This is because his manner of death left an invisible scar on him. He was killed by fallen rubble and because he was raised from the dead by dark magic it still impacts.
Passive Enchantment: essentially his nostrils and halo glow lol
Extra: erm idk if its relevant but he's the Helios mentioned in Nyx's profile and was created by the gods and stuff. Also please ignore the ring on his hoof and in his nose, he doesn't have them yet without alchemy c:

Played by: Darkrise

Thank you very much!