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Heart of gold.

The following that comes when beckoned my Reckitt’s call is overwhelming - relieved, happy tears threaten to spill from her seafoam eyes. She holds them back, a quivering smile pulling at the edges of her lips.

“I’m so glad you all joined us,” Verona says, bowing her head politely to the myriad of canines that had assembled. She doesn’t feel scared by this fact - however, she is disappointed that her equine counterparts had not made their appearances. She shakes the thought away with a flick of her tail, and straightens her shoulders. “I am Verona. I can’t wait to meet all of these new faces individually when the time comes. Ourania is my home, and since the Rift tore her in two I have been looking to find a way to keep that from happening again -“ she pauses, exhales, and nods over to her ivory friend. “-I found that way in Reckitt. We want Elysium to be a haven, a sanctuary for those who are not on either of the opposing sides. I want those who need it to have protection from their chaos, while not being blind to the fact there may come a time when we must defend ourselves. We all have our strengths, and I’m glad we’ve all come together as one to form this beautiful alliance.” Tears, hot and burning, spill slowly down her cheeks. She turns her head, closes her eyes to regain composure, then continues. “Elysium has no kings or queens. Reckitt and myself simply act as the faces of the kingdom, and we have put in place the Council to discuss policy and procedure. But large matters will be discussed between the entire kingdom itself before it is done. The creation of Elysium has been a group effort, and the running of it will be too.” Verona gives and affirming nod, smiling at each of them.

“Myself and Reckitt, with the help of Juryoku and Aulë, have come up with laws to keep things orderly. If you have any objections to these, now would be a perfect time to let us know,” She clears her throat. “We are loyal to each other and Ourania; keeping Her safe from unneeded conflict is our number one priority. Clarity is key; Think before you speak, consider before you act, there is always a brighter, kinder horizon. Remember to speak only the truth, precise and factual. There should be no discrimination, exercise impartiality, rise from ignorance of our past. We don’t tolerate violence, save for survival, and this includes hunting. Kill to eat not for sport. We will strive for a compromise, not bloodshed. While sharing between kingdom members is encouraged, deceiving for personal gain is forbidden here.”She takes a moment to catch her breath, letting her words sink in. “Should a wanderer enter claimed lands, the same respect should be given as those that are loyal to the kingdom. Information about their visit or trespassing should be requested, so they may be aided or redirected according to the reason given. Peace is of utmost importance when present inside or outside this kingdom and attempts to disturb the peace or cause chaos amongst the people will not be tolerated. To uphold this peace, we will have a militia on standby to squash threats as they come...if this is of interest to you, please tell us.” There is a prolonged moment of silence as the words settle upon the listeners ears. She is excited, though she still feels nervous for the future; what happens when opposing kingdoms decide to emerge? Would they be able to find a way to make them compromise? “Now, if you agree to these rules, please say so. If you do not, now is the time to make your opinion heard. She nods her head once again, and steps back so that each member of their group can have their say so.

Hello Elysium members! This is a continuation of the last "group meeting" thread, but I decided to move it to a new thread to make it easier for the staff. :3 As a final step in finalization of the kingdom, the admins have asked that all the laws and information be laid out IC, and members of the kingdom respond yes or no to them. Please post below - IC! - if your characters agree or disagree with the statements posted above. You can find a numbered version of these laws here. (:


@Aulë @Juryoku (i took the liberty of saying your characters helping with the laws, since both of you actually did help come up with the majority of them :3).

@Willow @Reckitt @Syrinx @Corrdelia @Hektor @Rhaegar @Klaia <3

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Deep were the whispers of the land, of the wind and the water. Their words were strange, a foreign lullaby that he could not place, and yet, they were part of Ourania, part of her story and her sorrows. A shared union of the elements that carved into an empty place something that was worth its legend. Time would heal all wounds, so they said, but, Aulë knew, that some could mend on their own. Elysium, this concept that was just beginning to fledge in the careful hands of those who hoped and acted for something better, had sparked a sense of life. It was a dream that was shared, a notion that held power, for it lived in each heart of those gathered. A fragile thing that could fall apart, or, perhaps, with time and nurturing, become something that would shape wonders. 

These faces, would become part of his heart, of his soul. He would place himself upon their mercy, for, they would become precious to him, a constellation in the night that had been lonesome for long. Yael, his beloved meteor, fearless in her wanderings. For long she had been he had to claim as his own, except for perhaps those quiet moments, those beloved memories of seeing and experiencing life from afar. There had been other faces in time, fleeting memories, so vastly important, even if their tale in his story was short, fading in and out from his sights like the turning of a page. Of the young Andraste, her heart so full and so brave; a true guardian who would have suited this hope well. Of Ren'dier, keeper of those place so few had ever seen, the lion on the hill, he who gave courage to those without any for themselves. His mind could picture Nalisse so well, a simple merchant, and yet, she had given him kindness where no one else would. More frequent memories glided through his mind, faded and warm with the fondness emotion that welled in his heart. Of Rhaegar, such a brave man, baring his flaws, but choosing to not let them define him. He sat beside him now, and Aulë, looked to him, offering a smile, his lithe frame leaning into him, so impossibly strong. They were all so new in his life, but, he wished to hold on to them, to touch them like he had never been able to before, beautiful souls who he had watched, yet, knew of him not.

He had been solitary star in the sky for so long; gazing around him, he could not help but see them as a new constellation, bright and blazing with a thousand wishes. The Eldar would walk beside, for as long as he could. Listening with a quiet reserve, the essence of what Elysium could be was given life by the woman crowned in Gaia's glory. They embraced all that they were, all that they could be, and yet, he was pleased to see their wisdom. To know that perhaps, shadow would cast upon the sun. Annointed Council, Aulë would give his long memory when needed, his heartbreak and love. They had spoken, long into the night, had allowed their minds to fill with the beautiful image of a bountiful future, a peaceful world. It was idealistic, it was ambitious, but, it was what they wanted for Ourania, what they wanted for those who lived in this world. To never have to be chained as wraiths to the place that exmanated such sorrow. "Elysium; peace, hope; it is what want for all who call Ourania home. To do this, we must be brave and trust, but not blindly. We must present ourselves as a what can be, all the while remembering what was. To create a place where our differences are not our shame, but our celebrated pride, we must see brethren amongst each other; and this will let us shine all the brighter. Let these pledge stand." For they were more then simple laws, but a vow, spoken beneath the moon and stars.


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Verona takes the forefront, center stage among the gathered. Faces of fur so prominent, while the image of her own equus kin, is scarce among them. Nothing about this sets Kitt at discomfort, there is no feeling of anything but admiration for the equine. No rivalry between them comes to her heart, she did not want to place herself above the woman she had grown such a beautiful companionship with. The lack of her partners own kind, does cause a twinge of sadness in her, it could not be helped. Those that would come, would come, and it could be that they were just slower going in their travels, or had not been able to hear the echo of her call.

The fact that Klaia was absent, did set a tone for worry, she kept it to herself for now, she did not want to cry wolf for naught.

Reckitt was overjoyed to listen as Verona spoke, quietly taking in her words just as any other presence would- perhaps even more so. This Kingdom, this togetherness of their kinds, it meant everything to the pale wolf. Such wisdom seemed to fall over a hush, even the insects grew still, or so it would seem to the Druid. As if the very world of Ourania was eager to hear the spoken words of the peaceful- the harmonious.

“ I will honor these laws, these words, these commandments, without fail,” she speaks up as the pledges end, as the voice of Aule too, fades away into the calm of their clearing. Verona had warned her that there would be those out for their blood, Kitt could not allow such a fear to overwhelm her, to keep her from doing what she knew was Right- Good. If she must go down for her beliefs, for the beliefs of those assembles, so be it, she would go down without regret or repense.

So far, none had spoken against the carefully crafted sigils, there was no outburst of disagreement- but if there was, she would not hold it against those that did not see eye to eye.

What kind of lightkeeper would she be if she did?
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Syrinx was still entranced at meeting a real life equine, and one that seemed so nice and peaceful. Like Reckitt, somehow, perhaps mostly because of the peacefulness. Verona was her name and the butterfly winged wolf thought she was rather nice. Hopefully, she'd be able to meet her a little better at some point.

However, now there seemed to be business at paw, and that was, apparently, the laws of the Kingdom. Elysium, what a nice name. Syrinx honestly didn't know what to think of not having true kings or queens, not yet, for she was from a history of having packs that had solid Alphas and leaders. But perhaps this would be nice as well. It certainly seemed like a good bunch of creatures to live with and she listened to all of the laws politely and then nodded her head in acceptance, smiling.

“I have no quarrel with the laws. I will be pleased to uphold the peace as well as I am able.” Was her voiced agreement, as she looked around, hoping that the others felt the same. She imagined they would, after all, no one had left, sometimes silence was it's own sort of agreement.

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ooc: I may as well respond anyhow, didn't know if anyone was going to. OBVIOUSLY Syrinx has no issues with any of this <3